Where to Meditate

Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, quotes on meditation, kundalini, chakras, mantras and samadhi

Meditate in a clean and quiet place.


Most people find it helpful to find an area of the house where they meditate on a regular basis.  You sit there and meditate and you build up a vibration and a force that makes it easier to meditate.


Pick a spot in your bedroom or another room to meditate in. Put a small table there.  Place a rug in front of your meditation table. Place candles on the table. Flowers are nice too.


You need to turn your room into a place of power. It's a good idea to have flowers around, candles, incense, you know, happy things.


Make your room into a beautiful place and keep it impeccably clean.


If you are sitting there and it's just not happening. Stop. Take a break for a moment. Walk around. Try a different room, a different energy. Be creative in your meditation.


Sometimes it's fun to meditate outside. Be creative. Meditate at the beach, on a mountaintop, or in the desert. Don't get hung up in rituals or routines.


When you go to a power place, if you are receptive, if you are able to quiet your thoughts and concentrate, a lot of that power can enter into you.


There are places of power where there is more power. Just as there is more power in the chakras, there is more power in certain places. We call them places of power. If you spend time in these places, it increases your vibratory power.


The earth is not the same everywhere. Certain powers are available in one part of the earth that are not available in another part. The rich realize this. They live in these places and they use that power to stay rich.


Pilgrimages are journeys to places of power. People sometimes make pilgrimages to the caves where Milarepa or other great yogis meditated.


There are places that are very draining. There are places where there is another dimensional crossover but to a dimension that is not powerful at all.


An enlightened teacher has personal power. Sitting and meditating with an enlightened teacher in a meditation hall or at a power spot can change you forever.