Dr. Frederick Lenz, Zen Master Rama, quotes on buddhism, enlightenment, nirvana, zen, tantra, tibetan and mahayana.


Tantric Sex


To look for truth in all the wrong and all the right places is the only excuse for living.


The sensual experiences in life are not to be avoided. This is the philosophy of Tantric Buddhism -- nor are they particularly to be sought after.


To assume that wealth or sexuality or the usage of power, any of these things are not void in nature, gives them a reality they don't actually have.


Celibacy doesn't make you enlightened, otherwise every nun or priest in Buddhism or Christianity would be enlightened. People who don't date and can't get any action would be enlightened.


The sensual world cannot be avoided. We're in it at every moment. We are part of it.


Now, tantra is a little bit different than other forms of Buddhism because in tantra what we do is we use the sensorial worlds as access points or pathways to ineffability.


Some people, of course, say they're practicing tantra. There are a lot of books on tantric sexual practice in local bookstores. These are usually pretty silly books.


If you're in the tantric sex state of mind, what someone else experiences when they have sex is not what you'll experience. You won't even notice what your body is doing, particularly.


Sexuality is a little bit different for me than it is for most people, in that there's almost no body awareness whatsoever. It's just light, but that's how everything is for me.


If you are in a state of mind in which all things are one, then you can spend your time in lingerie shops.


Purity is innocence, the innocence of lack of self. Desire is innocent unless it's connected with self.


Sex is a highly personal matter, yet it seems to get more impersonal all the time. How do I feel about sex? I suppose it matters with whom.


The most important thing is sensitivity. Many people have sex and don't feel anything, and that seems kind of sad to me. The answer is not necessarily the avoidance of sex, but learning to be sensitive and to love and to care.


Sex is like any other transaction, except that it is not like any other transaction.


In Tantric Buddhism our feeling is that there is no problem with the sensual world unless you have a tremendous attraction or aversion to it.


The anti-pleasure movement in self-discovery is very strong. I have big news for them, if they ever get to enlightenment, which is unlikely the way they're approaching it, they're going to find that enlightenment is very pleasurable.


The issue is not what you're doing with your body; it's what you're doing with your mind.


Fasting is as sensual as eating. Being celibate is as sensual as having sex. They're just different choices, different videos that you've selected to view tonight.


Some people say that if you have sex you can't be enlightened. I think it isn't really so much whether you have sex or not, but it's what you're doing with your attention level during that time.


You're thinking that you shouldn't have sex because you're celibate. So you just keep thinking about sex instead of enlightenment. 


The tantric path involves taking the mind and directing it beyond the senses.


A number of Guru's feel that there is something wrong or sick about being gay.  I think it really doesn't matter what your sexual preference is; what matters is the quality of your love.


Obviously there is a lot more ecstasy in the spirit than in the flesh but the flesh has its moments!