Stopping Thought


Meditation means the cessation of thought. For years we practice, and like any other art, we get better at it each day.


The practice of meditation is emptying the mind. When the mind is empty, completely empty, it’s perfect meditation. It’s really that simple.


There are essentially three stages in learning how to meditate. In the beginning you are simply trying to ignore thought.


In the second stage we stop thought for limited periods of time.


The third stage is no thought.


The first stage of meditation is simply to ignore thought; to become conscious that there is something beyond thought.


When you have grown accustomed to sitting and meditating, try to stop your thoughts. That's the bottom line in meditative practice.


The second stage of meditation begins when you can successfully stop thought for long periods of time. At this point you move beyond the awareness of this world.


The third stage is no thought.  No thought is not the end of meditation.  It is the beginning of higher meditation.


Your life is either getting brighter from moment to moment or it's not. If it's not getting brighter, it's because there's no risk. There's no risk in thinking instead of stopping your thought. There's a lot of risk in stopping your thought.


Never expect anything from a particular meditation. Once you have gotten started, different methods get you into the stream, let the meditation take you wherever it would like to.


We are learning to perceive existence in separate phases. One phase is to see that we are not our thoughts. As you sit, try and feel what is beyond thought -- sense that you are separate from thought.


To stop thought it's necessary to put your life into a state of balance. Otherwise you can sit and meditate for hours and all kinds of conscious and unconscious thoughts will flow through you.


Everything is dependent on your ability to stop thoughts. The longer you can stop your thoughts in meditation, the faster you will evolve, the more power you will pick up and the more knowledgeable and balanced you will become.


The quieter you can make your mind, the more you've invoked your will.


If the world does not shine brightly, even just the physical, sensual perception after meditation, you have not meditated. You have sat and thought of things that were not real.


We have to push ourselves to stillness -- to the natural state.


Meditation, in the beginning, is just replacement thinking. Instead of having the usual negative things that wander around in your mind, you are replacing those with very bright images.


In the beginning, when you are meditating, just ignore thought. Shine it on. Then after you are comfortable sitting there, try selectively eliminating negative thoughts, thoughts that agitate the mind.


Don’t fight with your thoughts or try to suppress them with your will. This will only frustrate you and bind you to your thoughts even more strongly.


Our thoughts will swim around and talk to us while we're sitting there, make fun of us, ignore us. But if you pay attention, if you don't look in the direction of your thoughts, you meditate.


Stopping thought also involves shifting your values. Thought is stimulated by ideas that we have about life and the world.


We were imprinted with a value system as young children.  The sensory experiences of life can trigger and stimulate a variety of associative thoughts and ideas.


Your mind is turbulent because you're filled with desires, frustrations. You want too many things. You are afraid of too many things. It is necessary to overcome both attraction and repulsion to still the mind.


I observe many people who say they are meditating, but I sure don't see them meditating. They sit and touch a lot of people, places and things psychically, but they sure don't meditate.


Whatever you focus on during meditation, you psychically travel to and touch. In meditation, when you think of somebody, you actually go into their aura. That is the issue. Keep your meditation pristine, unalloyed.


When a lot of people meditate what they do is they're thinking about other people. This is a terrible mistake. If you do this, stop! 


If you focus on another person you take their energy in your body completely.


If you allow people, places and things, to pass through your mind during meditation, you will pull in all those other auras and you be much more confused and dissociated than you were prior to your meditation experience.


If you start picking up other people's impressions while you are meditating, then instead of clearing yourself, you are just going to completely glom yourself up to the point where there is no meditation.


When your mind drifts away from one of the secret meditation techniques, do not become upset or frustrated. Gently move your mind back to the technique you were practicing and begin again.


Only when there are no impressions of others clouding our mind, can we sit and practice the glorious practice of meditation.


People focus on things that vibrate very slowly during meditation and because they are so open they make themselves really sick, psychically.


Meditation will do you a disservice. It will confuse you more than clarify you. It will bring tremendous impurity in you -- if you are allowing your mind to wander during the empowered experience.


Many people, including Buddhist monks, spend thousands of hours sitting in what they call meditation. In reality, what they're doing is thinking and ruminating upon their problems.


When you are meditating, thinking about things in this world is not going to help you. Instead, forget about everything for a while and look at something that is perfect, this will help you deal with the world better.


When your thoughts come and you're trying to stop them, simply say "No". Learn the mantra "No". Every time a thought comes in your mind ... just say no.


Once you've done that, push the thought of no thought away.


Love is the shortcut to meditation. Above thought is love, and within and below thought is love. Love is a ladder that we can climb through thought.


Instead of tryig to stop thought when you meditate, focus your attention on love. Suddenly you'll find your thoughts are slacking. Light is everywhere and suddenly there is no thought.


To stop thought, you have to go above it. We are collecting energy. When it is freed, it is like a flood and the water will rise and we are in altered states of attention.


Any of the exercises that you start out with will get the kundalini moving. You don't have to stay with them for the entire period of meditation.


The next step in meditation is not just to focus, but to stop thought completely without having to focus; you gain a tremendous amount of personal power.


When your mind is tranquil and at peace with the universe, when it has become void of all thought - you become meditation.


Consciously join with and become part of the power that is in everything around you.


You're going to go to stillness. When that happens, the world collapses. There is no time, no space, no viewer, no viewing, no object in view.


Step beyond your role as a perceiver, merge everything into the flux. 


Learn to let go. You do it a little at a time.


Never expect anything from a particular meditation. Once you have gotten started, different methods get you into the stream, let go and let the meditation take you wherever it would like to.


Granted you want to go beyond ideas and beyond thought, but that takes years of practice. If you must think, think good thoughts, happy thoughts, and constructive thoughts.


Let your mind flow out into eternity. You have to exert some effort. Then you will notice a subtle smile on your face.


You can just sit and space out. A lot of people do that and think they are doing a wonderful meditation.


Meditation is not this kind of spacey stuff that makes it difficult to orient your life. If that's your experience of meditation, you're not meditating. You're tapping into the lower astral planes, which is not a healthy place for human beings to tap.


There is a large difference between spacing out in the lower occult astral planes, weird, junky, fuzzy energy, and meditation. Meditation is sharp, clear, precise, perfect, luminous, shiny, happy, etheric, cosmic, and dissolute.


The human life form vibrates at a certain rate, but all vibratory rates are not suitable for human life. So it's very necessary to meditate on higher octave energy, on the clear light, on joy, on happiness.


There are planes that are not light. There are planes that are shadowy. But that is not our interest in meditation. We want brightness, ecstasy, brilliance beyond comprehension.


You can't just sit in emptiness. Even the enlightened don't sit in emptiness. We call it emptiness -- but we move our mind into a world of light.


Meditation is a very powerful time and you are very psychic. It is most important to not allow your attention, your mind, to wander.


The path is focus. The power of focus is absolutely essential. To stop all thoughts, you have to have tremendous power of focus.


When you meditate make sure you stay awake.  If you are falling asleep get up and splash some water on yourself or sleep until you are refreshed.


At the beginning of a meditation session your thoughts will be relatively earthbound. You will think about yourself, your world, problems, difficulties and anxieties. 


As the meditation evolves, you attention passes into higher realms of consciousness.


You will notice the phenomena of meditation. You may see dazzling lights, feel energy coursing through different parts of your body, feel as if you are floating, hear sounds, or smell fragrances.


Be neither attracted nor repulsed. You are watching a movie. If the visions are beautiful or horrible, Don't get caught up in them. Enjoy your popcorn.


When you meditate your body shouldn't move. Some people get into this kundalini sway business. Your body shouldn't move.


How do you deal with meditating when you stop breathing? The trick is to meditate just a little higher and you won't even know that you're not breathing.


To meditate what you need to do is free yourself from your ideas and your thoughts. All of the higher dimensional planes, the higher realities, the infinite cosmos itself is beyond thought.


Meditating everyday is essential. If you meditate every day and learn to control and stop your thoughts, you will become psychic.