Right Concentration

Dr. Frederick Lenz, Zen Master Rama, quotes on buddhism, enlightenment, nirvana, zen, tantra, tibetan and mahayana.


There is a way beyond this life and beyond death, the path of liberation. In order to be liberated, you have to enter into the world of advanced meditation.


Meditation is the freeing of ourselves from all mental states and concepts of self.


Buddhism is not just going to temple, being at a ceremony and dressing up. That is the church of Buddhism. Esoteric Buddhism is to move beyond this world.


Meditation is a refocusing on symbols. It's not emptiness. We are using symbols, doorways to step from one world to another, from darkness into light, from death to immortality.


Meditation is the short path to happiness. Meditation takes you beyond the desire-aversion operating system that offers very limited happiness and a great deal of frustration.


All the sutras in the world are useless. All the lectures of all the teachers don't really mean anything.  They are only words. They point in a direction, that is their only use.


To perfect your nature doesn't mean to have some idea of what a perfect person is and to simply be that. That doesn't work.


To perfect your nature means to let go of this world and place your attention fully in the plane of enlightenment.


As you go into the light, you will gain a more profound happiness. That happiness will free you from the desire-aversion cycle.


All of the exoteric teachings are only designed to give you the type of life that will allow you to practice the esoteric teachings.


Advanced practice is the entrance into the ten thousand states of mind. Most people exist in five or six of these states in their whole lifetime.


In advanced meditation there are methods and formations of joining the mind with the various aggregate aspects of the universe, fusing it, dissolving it, sometimes thousands of times in a microsecond or outside of time.


The advanced education in Tantra obviously has to do with the entrance into samadhi, the negation of the self. That is what the path of negation means, not the negation of life, but the negation of anything that is not enlightenment.


There are two sides to self-discovery, as in most things, an outer more popular side and an inner side. The popular side presents more of a simplified form.


The deeper inner teachings are presented to very few because few would understand them. The exoteric teachings are presented to many.


In the enlightenment cycle, attention is paid to bringing back the awareness field from other lives. This does not simply mean memory, but rather the internal power and intelligence that you have amassed in other lifetimes.


Meditation will bring back the powers and awareness from the past; more importantly, it will expand your consciousness today.