Dr. Frederick Lenz, Zen Master Rama, quotes on buddhism, enlightenment, nirvana, zen, tantra, tibetan and mahayana.


Reincarnation is a dance. It is a movement of life to the rhythm of the universe. Spirit and matter join together as one dancing partner. They dance and it goes on forever.


bodies come and go, ages come and go, yugas come and go, eternities come and go. Selves come and go.


Naturally there is reincarnation ... otherwise life would be pretty dull. All the patterns in this lifetime are results from patterns in other lifetimes.


Reincarnation is a cyclic process. There are endless levels of creation, different universes. In each one something similar is taking place, the evolution of spirit through matter.


All incarnations are lived at once, and yet there does seem to be a linear sense of time when you're in the vortex of time and space, when your consciousness is fixated in a body.


We're not really indigenous to this world, this world being a temporal plane of reality.


Our larger body is eternity. Eventually, we return to the source in its undifferentiated form, in its absolute form, which is both form and formlessness, but we exist in that sea all the time.


We pass through hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of existences. In each lifetime, we're exploring another part of our own self, which is eternity.


Reincarnation is an apprehension of a movement and the movement occurs in time. Without time, there is no reincarnation. Reincarnation is a reflection of time in this world.


In different lifetimes, you incarnate in different dimensional planes, let alone in different universes in the physical universe.


Mind is not simply the collection of aggregate cells inside your brain. If you are only the grey matter, then when that dies, you won't exist any more. It's not that easy. You exist forever.


Reincarnation is simply changing awareness. What you are reincarnating into are different states of mind. The whole show is on the inside.


Reincarnation is a process in which a finite being will go through a series of transmutations and will perceive different things. There will be a continuity of perception.


Most people don't why they are born or why they die. They have no understanding of the forces in life that pull them and push them to their death and another rebirth in this or another world.


From infinite awareness, something comes forward, a sense of infinite awareness and finite awareness. That perception is the birth of a being.


Reincarnation is happening all the time. Every moment we are going through a change. Our being isn't solid. Reincarnation is now.


It is the Buddhist belief that at every moment the universe is not only dying but being reborn.


Reincarnation doesn't simply mean that at the end of this life you will move on to another life in another body, it means that the spirit of life is continually renewing itself and moving to a higher level.


The essence of all reincarnation is to have the best lifetime now that you've ever had, no matter what's going on.


It is really hard to talk about reincarnation because you have always been and you will always be. You just experience different things in different ways.


Reincarnation is not necessarily linear. Sometimes people actually become more immersed in darkness or illusion than they were in previous lifetimes.


If we get above the individualized soul's journey, you will see that we are all one. We are all one light. In that sense, we are all enlightened.


Reincarnation is a process of moving from one state of mind to another. Whether you are in a body or out of a body is immaterial.


Just remembering what you did in previous lives doesn't mean a thing. It's nice to remember that you had higher states of mind, but that won't necessarily get you there. It might even make things painful.


The inner aspects of reincarnation have to do with where you put your mind. The more expansive state of mind you enter into, the less suffering there is.


Reincarnation is the evolution of spirit through matter. Over thousands and millions of lifetimes, the soul evolves. It comes into the light. The growth is slow.


You are no different in this lifetime than you were in your last lifetime. This lifetime is simply a continuation of your last lifetime.


Many practitioners think there is some giant balance scale, where someone is keeping track, like Santa Claus, and that will determine your allotment of presents. That's a very exoteric understanding of reincarnation.


To think you can just go out and help people and somehow get a better life is not reincarnation as I know it. A better life comes from being happy and inner realizations. Now if helping others adds to that, well then, it's great.


Reincarnation is not what a lot of people think. Yes, we are eternal. No, everyone does not attain enlightenment; it's not necessary; life is smarter than we are.


As spirits we have always existed in a generalized form, since we are all part of the universe. As individual spirits, we have existed for a timeless time.


Reincarnation is the journey of hope because in each lifetime we move forward to place a better than our last lifetime, a place within ourselves.


Through incarnations, some beings do go down. That is to say, they forget. The soul falls into an eclipse of itself and there is a downward progression for a time.


All the lives we ever lead are only dreams, these walking moments, that look so solid to you when you consider yourself awake, are just dreams.


This is just one little lifetime in a succession of lifetimes.


What goes on in this one little lifetime is not so important as you might like to think it is because you're in it. When you can see the larger picture, it's just a tiny breath in a succession of breaths.


Reincarnation is a hopeful understanding of life. It is an accurate understanding of life. In each lifetime we grow, develop and evolve.


Reincarnation is not something that occurs at death; it is something that takes place at every moment. Death and rebirth are occurring every second.


You can get so caught up in learning all about reincarnation, you can get so caught up in learning about structures, fascinating though they may be, that you're not free; you're just studying a different textbook.


You can summon up power from past lives and bring them into this life. That can give you a boost into the next state of mind or further up.


When a person who has had highly evolved past lives is going through a strong past-life transit, that person comes to know things about life, death and other dimensions that most people in our world aren't aware of.


As we go within the self, we discover that all the voices of our past lives are still there. As we peel ourselves, which is a process very much like peeling an onion, we discover that there are many selves within the self.


The knowledge of reincarnation assures us that life is worth living. Life is not a one-shot deal. It is forever.


There are future lives. It is not necessary to cram everything into this lifetime. You can enjoy this lifetime, go with the flow, and know it will lead you to a better life in your next incarnation.


Karmic progression implies that we are kind of alliterating steps to life. There's alliteration, a kind of rhythmic structure. Once we're in time and space, the variable structures are somewhat limited.


To try and fit reincarnation into a neat mental package is very unwise. You will be very surprised when you discover that it doesn't work out that way. Your illusions will be painful for you.


What you gain in internal knowledge goes from one lifetime to another. It is not wasted. Unlike those stone edifices that will fade, your internal knowledge will stay with you from one incarnation to another.


All the lives we ever lead are only dreams. These waking moments, that look so solid to you when you consider yourself awake, are just dreams. And they'll pass, as they always do.


Reincarnation is the dissolution of the self. It's like going swimming in the ocean, no one ever comes out, because one has become the ocean.


 How strange it is to be human. For a short moment we are conscious of the glories of life, then we become silent again. Perhaps there is more. Look more deeply into the matter.


The essence of Buddhism is simply that the mind is forever. We are always experiencing different states of mind in one form or another, in one body or another, in one life or another, forever ... .