Rama the Buddha



There are beings that descend from other cosmic cycles that drop by for a while.


Humankind has no idea what existence is, at this stage. They're all dreaming; they're all asleep....Once in a great while a fully awakened one is here, observes everybody is sleeping and leaves, quietly.


There are different worlds, endless worlds, and different beings come from different worlds. In my particular case, I come from the stillness. We call it the dharmakaya, the clear light of reality. I know it quite well.


I am billions of years old. I don't come from this earth. I come from another world far away. Some of you have been there also in one life or another. You see that star? The world I come from is just a little to the left and further up.


I travel from world to world, teach as I go, fighting battles with the forces that prevent enlightenment.


I'm part of an ancient tribe of guardian beings who have a particular job in the universe. We keep the dimensional planes open. We guard the secret power places that exist between the dimensions. We send our beings out, and they incarnate in a world, some physically, some not physically.


The network of enlightenment is a group of beings who travel through time and space and dimensions together. It's really one being, but it divides itself into countless forms and winds its way throughout the universes.


I come from the plane of unity and the plane of enlightenment. And I've come into this world, into the world of diversity, to talk about unity.


What world is this? They gave me a travel brochure. I'll never use that travel agent again. What a place! What an incarnation! I don't know about you but I am getting out of here soon.


God, Atlantis was only yesterday, let alone Los Angeles. Remember that incarnation in Los Angeles?


To think I was on the Phil Donahue Show, talking about reincarnation. What a place to be born into! This is my last incarnation on Earth. I'm trying to get all my old students out with me. I've had it. That's the score.


Who am I? I am enlightenment. I come from a place far, far from here. Far not so much in a geographical sense; it's a sense of awareness.


I live in a world where there is nothing but the miraculous. There is nothing but continuous light. There is nothing but continuous perfection. That is the world of enlightenment.


I have been enlightened for a long time. In each incarnation, I come into the world to be of service to beings who seek knowledge, empowerment, and enlightenment.


The first time I experienced Tantric Buddhism in this lifetime was when I was a child. I was sitting outside in our backyard on a summer day and suddenly the whole world dissolved before my eyes and I found myself in a timeless world of light. It didn't seem at all unusual or strange.


I know a lot of secrets. I think that is because I have been around a very, very, very long time, a lot longer than you! You learn a few things in those tens of thousands of millions of lifetimes. I'd like to pass a few on to you.


I can recall my past lives and other people's lives. I can see other times, other dimensions -- because i've spent many years and many lifetimes studying the science of being, the science of attention and awareness.


I can fulfill wishes you can't even imagine, and do all the time. Most people don't have very large wishes. They're very mundane, so they don't tax me even, with the powers that I have.


Because I am enlightened, I can directly see the essence of anything I choose. I can know its perfection with just a little bit of study.


People wonder sometimes why I can do certain things with energy and light and appearances. 


My answer is obviously I realize that this is a ridiculous dream I'm in.  Since I realize it, I can probably do just about anything I'm in the mood to do.


All of the experiences that all beings throughout all universes have ever had or will ever have cannot possibly equal what I feel in limitless mind because they are all limited experiences and transient planes of awareness.


Within milliseconds I shift through thousands of planes of reality.  Seeing and experiencing them? No, not really. Being each one.  For a moment, I am that awareness, then I am another awareness, and then another awareness ... .


I've lived in worlds where there are three or four suns. We had incredible sunsets, beautiful. But they weren't more beautiful than here, if my mind is more beautiful in each life.


I live in worlds that you don't understand. My mind is one with eternity.


Where I come from there are no sunrises and sunsets, there are no todays and tomorrows and yesterdays. There's none of this. There's no duality. It's a timeless, perfect, extant, non-bonding reality.


I have gone through the process of enlightenment. Thousands and thousands of times I have been cast into the white light of eternity, dissolved, reformed. I am that stateless state.


Yes, I say that I am enlightened. What does that mean? It means I live in a condition of light.  There really is no primary self anymore.


A few years ago the thought came that I was an incarnation of Vishnu. I treated that thought as I treat all thoughts. I pushed it away and continued to meditate, until this morning when Eternity gave me my new name.


I am not the Rama who was alive many years ago. Rather I am an incarnation of that type of energy which in Hindu mythology is associated with Vishnu.


We're at the end of a cycle. At this time, Vishnu takes incarnation as a person.  Vishnu is that aspect of God that preserves and protects life. Rama is the last incarnation of Vishnu.


I am Rama, the last incarnation of Vishnu. You people think that I am a person, but I am not.  Over the years I watched my various selves fade away.


Gods and goddesses are not what people think they are. Their names are terms with which we try to convey a certain experience, a state of consciousness.


The reason I took the name Rama is that Rama was an incarnation of Vishnu, and the very strand of energy that I have been this and other lives is Vishnu, is love.


I use the word Vishnu because it has a very deep, somewhat forgotten meaning, which is love of a certain type.


All incarnations of Vishnu are incarnations of love. Vishnu is the quality of love. The aspect that they call Vishnu is that which wants to hold life and keep it alive because of love.


I am an incarnation of that love, as each of you is an incarnation of something.


I'm an incarnation of Vishnu. I'm not particularly high and mighty. I'm anything but that ... I'm nothing.


When I say I'm an incarnation of Vishnu, people immediatly want to think that I have elevated myself to godhead. I don't have to -- I am God -- so are you.


Please don't think that I've put myself on a pedestal. I 'm an incarntion of love. That is the aspect of God that you see through this being that we call Rama.


I want to make an important point now. It's critical that you understand that I am not special and that what's happening to me is not special. It just is.


If you don't understand this very important point, then you'll be taken out by what I've told you and exaggerate its meaning all out of proportion.


This is not because I am so great or so wonderful -- it's just the way it works. I'm not particularly great nor am I particularly wonderful, yet I'm capable of doing some very interesting things. I am no longer a single individual.


The molecular structure of my body had changed and keeps changing. I'm not solid any more.


Nirvikalpa samadhi, it just happened to me…and not to me.


There are moments of mindlessness in meditation. There are feelings and scenes that cannot be described in words. The universe spills through me, it dances through me.


Only about a tenth of the powers have returned, more come back every day.


Twice last week I walked on water. If I beleived there was physical, I could not do this. It's like gliding. You walk just above the physical. Only walk or live this way if you have a terrific love for existence. Then, you can walk on anything.


Naturally we can do amazing things as we extend ourselves into the super-consciousness. We are not longer human in the sense that we can do impossible things, impossible from the eyes of those who still don't know their own limitlessness.


Who am I? No one knows. I would never show anyone who I was or what I am. I have been around the universe too long for that. Let's just say that I am someone who has come into this world for a while, like we all have.


Only a part of me will go back to Los Angeles, a larger part of me will remain in the desert.  When you no longer have desires or attachments to this world, you should look for me out here in the desert.


I'm always waiting for you there on the luminous edge of existence. You know, I'm always in the desert. I send my double back, my other self.


I have nothing against inter-dimensional travel, as a matter of fact, I do it frequently. But I learned to do it safely and correctly.


One day you will be like I am. You can't tell yourself from God. There is no difference anymore. You become existence. You have merged back with the source. Yet you will still be a person with eternity expressing itself though you as a person.


So this is Rama once again, out the door and into another state of mind, slipping and sliding between realities, stepping through those inter-dimensional vortex points, somehow coming out as someone else on the other side.


I comprise multitudes, even though some days I can hardly add or subtract, and you think it's all so great! You're right; it's all great - perfect attention, there is nothing else.


All of these words are ridiculous. They don't describe the fathomless wonder of what infinite mind is like.


These are the secret teachings. Now you understand why they are kept secret. No one would take them seriously!


Choices, choices, choices!  Maybe next lifetime … .