Psychic Self-Defense


You never seem to hear about psychic occult attack in spiritual literature.  This knowledge has been conveniently forgotten. 


Innocence does not protect you from the evil designs of others.


In addition to innocence, we have to have knowledge of good and evil.  


People have power and it is very important to respect that. Everybody's had thousands of lifetimes, and who knows what anyone has learned in a lifetime ... respect not fear.


In the universe, there is darkness and light. We call this duality. When you seek knowledge and power, there are forces and people that will oppose you.


Not everyone is your friend. When you are psychic you tend to forget that others don't view life the way you do.


Psychic beings are childlike, delicate and easily destroyed.  


To not realize that everyone we think about affects us psychically, to not realize that life is a field of power, is criminal, in my opinion. If you are a sensitive and evolved being, it is simply criminal.


The souls now incarnating are power souls. It is a dark age. To incarnate now one needs psychic self-defense. 


We have developed psychic powers in other lives. Now we have many problems because of it, many voices in the mind due to this crowded earth.


When you become empowered everyone becomes interested in you.


If you just develop your psychic ability and don't learn psychic self-defense, you become more sensitive, open, and vulnerable.


Avoiding things that drain you is more important than gaining energy.


While it is possible to create all your own energy, most people feed off the energy of others. If you could see on multiple planes of attention you would be astonished!


Energy is food. Most people on earth feed on each other's energy, all of the time, seven days a week. The more energy you have, the more interested parties there will be in having lunch.


You must consider that there is opposition from other human beings and also non-physical forces that don't want you to succeed.


Why do people want to drain your energy?  So they can journey to other worlds after death, where pleasures are a thousandfold.  It is a fast game.  Human beings are powerful and skillful.  


People who drain others have a certain world they want to get to when they die, and you're their ticket!


Manipulators are very evolved. Energy is food. Forget good and bad. Is the coyote bad and the rabbit good?


Many souls thrive on the life force of others and you are lunch!  


There are primarily two ways people can drain your energy. They can get you to want them or what they have or they can get you to fear them. In order to drain you they must get into your attention field.  


It is possible to take energy from someone else. This is usually done in close, emotional sexual relationships.


In sexual contact a doorway opens between people, and it is very possible for someone to be abusive at that time with energy.


If one party is trusting, it is very easy during sex for the other party to format someone, to put thoughts in their mind, to jam their consciousness or attention, to lower their energy or just take power from them.


Sexual energy becomes problematic if you use to enslave someone, to demoralize them, to hurt them, to wrap them up. The way most people use sexual energy is to hook somebody, to wrap them.


Some people use the sexual energy particularly during intercourse to take personal power from each other.


Love can be used to drain people. Through eye contact people send a cord out to drain you long distance. Through sexual manipulation, anyone who can make you like them can drain you.


The only people who can really drain your power effectively are people you are very close to, you are open to, you love, or people you are afraid of, you fear.


If someone has something you want, they can wrap you -- they can make you think that they've got something that you have to get from them. They're the exclusive source. They are the only one who can make you happy.


People we are emotionally open to and close to affect us more than most people realize. If you are emotionally open to people, you will find yourself experiencing the mindset of others.


The people that hurt you are the ones you love because you are the most open to them.


You have no idea of how many people have control of your life.  Make lists of people you trust and love and constantly examine the people in your life.


Who do you think of first in the morning?  Good manipulators do it in the dream plane. The morning practice of meditation increases the aura to ward of negative energy. Meditate before bed if you are being attacked psychically.


It is a dangerous assumption to say that people who drain energy "don't know what they are doing." People are sophisticated aware beings. Don't sit around and equivocate; they'll drain you more.  


Be honest! You are not going to want to admit energy loss. Someone is making it hard for you to look.  


Fair Game Theory: If you are dumb enough to be drained by people then you are fair game. 


Some people like destroying for the hell of it; they love destroying beauty; they try to feel those people and then crack the egg.


Most people, without consciously realizing it, absorb a great deal of psychic energy from the people they casually associate with, and even a greater amount from people with whom they have strong emotional connections.


People will try to block you. Some will do it just for pure hostility. But most others are just afraid of themselves.


Human beings fear light and knowledge and power. There is a weird quirky sort of thing that happens with people. When you log on to the truth and you start to become it, it threatens them because they live with countless falsehoods.


People project a grey energy that is very destructive to weaken you, to drain you - just as the snake uses position to capture its victim.


People seek to put you in an off-balance situation so they can get to you.   Psychic people, people who meditate, are more susceptible; they are more open and sensitive.  It is easier to jam them. 


People can insert thoughts into your mind.  This is more dangerous for psychic people.  Use concentration exercises and read to combat this; boredom is an easy way to be drained.  


Fear can be used to get into your attention. Any way a person can get you to think of them, allows them to drain you.


The signs of psychic draining -- we call aging.


The way people age is not the way people age ... everyone is draining everyone!


Most disease is psychic occult attack.


The subtle physical body protects the body's physical health. It is the radiant life force that is you. When you get sick, it is because there is a problem with your subtle physical body.


The astral is the supporting ground for the physical dimension.


Our physical health is dependent upon energy. We have a short lifespan compared with past Yuga's.  We are made up of energy lines. The reason people lived longer is because there was less negative energy in the world. 


  As we grow up, we are exposed to hate and greed and anger and jealousy and peanut brittle and all kinds of things, our subtly body erodes.


If negative auric vibrations are not kept to a minimum by using psychic shielding techniques, and if they aren't cleansed from our subtle body through meditation, they will accumulate and eventually become very toxic.

The subtle body must be intact to transmit the kundalini.


If there are problems with the subtle physical body, it's very hard for the kundalini to flow.


The integrity of the subtle body is totally important. As the subtle body wears, we get sick. That is why, eventually, the body dies - it's because something happens to the subtle body.


When something goes wrong with the body of energy that surrounds and protects your physical body, it will later show up in your physical body. The problem always starts in the subtle physical, and then manifests in the physical.


When the subtle physical body is damaged you will begin to notice changes in your skin, you skin starts to get gnarly or dry. I'm not speaking of acne. Acne means you have a lot of kundalini, which stimulates hormones.


When you see deterioration in the skin or the hair, you are having problems with the subtle body. You're taking in too much bad energy, usually from people, or you're thinking too many negative thoughts. You are pulling an energy that is not suitable for the human form. 

You are a stranger in a strange land. As an evolved person living in a relatively unevolved world, you are constantly subjected to a bombardment of seemingly endless negative vibrations emanating from those around you.


The buildup of negative auric vibrations initially impairs our ability to perceive psychically. They can eventually cause us to become ill. Most serious illnesses, including many types of cancer, are the result of auric toxicity.


Psychic impressions can also remain in a physical location for some time. You can move into a home just vacated, pick-up the thought forms from the previous tenants, and assume they were your own thoughts and feelings.


If you live in the city, it is necessary to get out of it on weekends. Then you will realize that most of the thoughts and desires you have are not yours. You will see what is you.


If you drain others energy a lot, you don't want to see this because you do it yourself; but remember, it's real easy to manipulate a manipulator. 


If are in a situation with too many people in your life and you want to go into higher attention, look in the mirror. You are being blocked. Do something about it. It might be hard. 


Be conscious of the way people take your energy and learn how to stop it. Accept that this goes on. Observe how you feel around other people.


Don't always talk about your life, where you live, interests – people learn from your vibratory form and can get inside you. Plus those relationships where you know everything about each other are boring!


Be careful of someone who starts asking a lot of questions about you. Start asking a lot of questions about them. Turn it around.  


In our culture we are taught to be accessible and open; it signifies a good person.  In mysticism it is the opposite, people can scan you and drain you.


People hold an image of you and project that image when they feel you are changing. Disappear for a while. Break up your routines.


If you suspect someone is draining you, generally you should not confront them, but be nice, relax them, and then see what they are doing. 


When you see someone draining you, your being naturally cuts it off.  Yet many times you can be manipulated not to see.


Keep some of your attention on your navel center when you are in a situation in which you feel your power is being drained. You will find that you will keep your power tighter, you won't lose as much.


At the umbilical region we actually network with people. Picture that you are cutting those cords to everyone you know. It doesn't mean you don't love them; you are just cutting down on the negative energy pickup from people.


How can you tell if you are draining someone?  How far have you gotten into their life?  Are they dependent upon you?  Are you thinking of them negatively?  Does your energy drop when you stop seeing them?  


If someone confronts you about draining them it could be a “double reverse.”  They are draining you and accuse you instead of draining them, just to throw you off.


If a spiritual being is naive to the lower aspects of the world, they usually are killed or die young.  Did Jesus really know which of the twelve would betray him? I doubt it.


You can talk to one person for five minutes and be sick afterwards. You can be totally physically drained because their aura is so low. You can talk to someone else for an hour and just feel fine.


Practice mediation and concentration exercises, and begin to think more about regaining your sensitivity by avoiding draining situations. Not because of fear but because of intelligence.


Our purpose in this life is to gain the view of ourselves; otherwise, we are total slaves to others who psychically drain us, abuse us.


There are those who will seek to block you. There are also non-physical forces. To win in the world of enlightenment, it is necessary to be able to will away these forces, to see they're insubstantial.


They can't stop you if, in your heart, you seek enlightenment, empowerment, balance and knowledge.


Every living being is psychic. Whether or not we are consciously aware of it, we feel vibrations and energies coming to us from other people all the time. The vast majority of the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel aren't your own.


There are billions of people on earth. They are all transmitting thoughts and impressions, most of which are not directed towards enlightenment. If you are not focused, you will pick up these energies.


Sensitivity is a too-way street. When you are sensitive you can feel and appreciate, but you can also be injured more easily.


If you are psychic you may see that the smiling faces aren't smiling at all, inside. You can eliminate those individuals from your life and cancel their effect.


It is necessary to disassociate oneself from those who would interfere with your success in enlightenment, in your career, in your life. They are not worth it.


People try to get into your life. They try and keep you off-balance, keep you from making good decisions that will empower you -- because if your attention field is sharp -- you will see if anyone is in your life for ill reasons.


There are people who will think of you in negative ways. You will feel it sometimes. It can actually be physically painful if they're somewhat powerful. You simply have to remove yourself inwardly from these individuals.


There are people who do, what we would call, lower sorcery. It is best not to be concerned with them. They are not happy people and they can't be a problem if you are aware of what they are doing.


To get involved with some ridiculous battle of power with someone else will use up your energy.


Intelligent martial arts is not getting in battles and winning them. Intelligent martial arts is avoiding battles because battles use up energy, and you can get hurt no matter who you are.


The trick is simply to avoid jerks. There are lots of them out there. Most people are unhappy.


Use power to intelligently apprehend people who might harm you. Use that power to not be afraid. Simply step around them.


A good warrior, a seventh or eighth degree black-belt, will tell you there is no victory. It doesn't make you more powerful to win. It's just what you do. It's an expression of your personal power level.


If there is no way out and confrontation and battle is inevitable, one can use power and strategy, balance and wisdom and enlightenment to win, of course. But the best battle is the battle that is never fought.


The best battle is the battle that is never fought. The best war is the war that is won without a battle.


I have seen people who practice yoga and Buddhism who are scared to death of the sorcery powers of others. This is absurd.


A lot of people profess to have power and it is very minor astral power. They do get power over you, not because they have any intrinsic power, but because your fear immobilizes you and makes you do a bad job.


If you are afraid of someone, you immediately give them an advantage and give them entry to your awareness field.


People who use the mind and aggressive energy to blow their opponent away can be figured out. Anybody you can figure out you can defeat.


There are many different forms of life in the universe and human beings are unaware of most of them. Complex beings inhabit other dimensions. They can be very dangerous when encountered, unless, of course, you know how to handle or avoid them.


As a person progresses along the path of power, they attract certain forces and beings from other dimensions, who feel the power that you are storing. Sometimes they want some of it; sometimes they want to ruin you. We call these beings entities.


There are powers and forces that will seek to block you, to make your life more difficult. But if you are up to the study, then you continue to progress without getting discouraged.


It's an adversarial world outside of the safety of nirvana and enlightenment. In life, all beings need to feed on other beings just in order to exist. Some beings also like to cause others to needlessly suffer, just out of pure maliciousness


Naturally, along the way, there are beings and forces that will challenge you. They want to try and get some of your power, take it away from you, all this nonsense, and of course, you just defeat them.


Entities are beings that are dead. They are the lowest beings on the evolutionary scale because they don't even know they are dead. They are so stupid. What they seek is life again - they come into the world of the living.


Entities can see a certain amount because they are outside of the physical dimensional plane.


They might see that you are going to meet a beautiful woman or a beautiful man. They will come to you in dreams and tell you this is going to happen because of them.


When you listen to what entities say, the gradually work their way into your thoughts. After a while you will start thinking their thoughts. You won't know they aren't your thoughts. Soon you will be fully possessed.


Entities have died, but what they seek is life again. They miss it. They want to experience food again, basic things. They are low on the evolutionary scale. They want to experience the joy of destroying something.


You have to be very, very careful not to pick up too much of the lower energies, the toxic energies, because they'll make you very ill. They can kill you. They can cause cancer, debilitative diseases of all types.


Don't listen to voices. If you hear voices talking to you, forget it. Disregard the information, even if it is right occasionally. You are dealing with non-physical forces that are trying to influence you.


Be aware of the dark side of others that seek to interfere with our evolution. Keep distant and closed to such beings, recognizing that they are part of the universal process too, but not a part that we need to be open to at this time.

Anyone who seeks enlightenment is going to encounter opposition, whether it is from their society or from non-physical forces or friends or whatever it is. Be strong enough to go through that and win.


Expect forces to interfere with you and expect to conquer them all, if you are serious about the study. Just as there are powers that interfere with those who seek enlightenment, there are forces that will help.


There is a lot of opposition. You will experience it. But the joys that come from the study, more than compensate for the opposition, in my opinion. It's a personal choice.