Places of Power

Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, quotes on mysticism, power, magic, occultism, psychic skills, dreaming and wisdom.


There are many ways to store power. You can visit places of power, special locations on the earth that are charged with power.


There are places where there is more power. Just as there is more power in the chakras, there is more power in certain places. We call them places of power. If you spend time in these places, it increases your vibratory power.


There are special places on our planet, places of power, healing and renewal,
places where the mind-body connection is enhanced and that enable us to get back in touch with our deepest innermost feelings.


There are many different places of power around the world. They're invisible openings to other worlds.  We find a preponderance of these places in the Himalayas, in the western part of the United States; of course, in every country of the world there are some.


There are places where it is easy to see, places of illumination, where one moves into illumined states of attention.


There are lots of places of power around the earth and if you spend time in these places it increases your vibratory power. If you meditate in them you can have very deep, profound experiences and store a lot of power.


When you go to a power place, if you are receptive, if you are able to quiet your thoughts and concentrate, a lot of that power can enter into you.


If you go to a higher place of power, you can gain power there and you might even encounter some beings of knowledge and light that might aid you in some way.


When you go to a power spot, and you think negative or depressing thoughts they tend to grow stronger. Whereas, if you think more positive, happier thoughts, they tend to increase in strength.


The Indians in the Southwestern United States went to many places of power. They were able to have profound dream experiences where they could see into the future or know what do to and make proper decisions.


Pilgrimages are journeys to places of power. People sometimes make pilgrimages to the caves where Milarepa or other great yogis meditated.


An enlightened teacher has personal power. Sitting and meditating with an enlightened teacher in a meditation hall or at a power spot can change you forever.


The earth is not the same everywhere. Certain powers are available in one part of the earth that are not available in another part. The rich realize this. They live in these places and they use that power to stay rich.


Some of the highest vibratory places one can visit have become very expensive. They are the domains of the rich. The rich figured out a long time ago that certain neighborhoods have more power.


Universities are very clarifying places of power, because everyone is focused on trying to figure out exactly what to do with their lives.


You get a very different type of education if you go out to the desert, to the places of power, places where it is easy to cross over from one dimensional plane to another, where power hovers, so to speak.

The earth is alive. There are places on the earth that are very powerful. Meaning that on another dimensional level, there is an interfacing dimension where there is a crossover point between dimensions and a tremendous amount of energy is passing back and forth.


At these crossover points, there are a lot of beings, nonphysical beings that cross over back and forth constantly.


If you go to a place of power, the beings are higher, magnificent beings of light. They are not from our world. They pass through it, the place where dimensions touch, where there are many worlds present.


There are thousands of worlds, thousands of dimensional planes, billions. Life is endless.   It goes on forever.


If you go to a lower crossover point, a negative place of power, then the beings there are very unevolved, very demonic, crazy, lower than the people of this world.


There are places that are very draining. There are places where there is another dimensional crossover but to a dimension that is not powerful at all.


If you spend too much time in a place like that your power level will be lowered and these beings will annoy you.


Watch out for negative power places on the earth, if you can "see" they are reddish and they twist your feelings. They don't vibrate at a rate conducive to humanity.


If you must go to a negative place of power, go to them in a very conservative way. You must go to them when your power is up. It is like going to war. You have got to be ready if you are going to survive.


Everything is amplified in the world of attention at night. People are more open to forces. That is why human beings cluster around each other in housing developments a group force pervades and keeps the beings out.


In the high mountains and desert beings can affect you. Most aren't malicious, but some will lure you to your death.


There are certain areas that you can move to on the earth that will empower you and there are certain areas that can drain you.


If you are seeking power and knowledge, you need to go to places that are healthy and happy and radiant. Avoid places that aren't.


Hundreds of thousands of years ago a very powerful civilization lived in what we now call North America. They congregated around power places - interdimensional vortexes where it is very easy to shift from one plane of reality to another.


The United States is filled with power places. The majority of them, however, are to be found either along the West Coast and in the southwestern United States or along the Eastern Seaboard.


I used to live in Seattle, as did Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee. I lived near the arboretum. Very often I would take walks late at night by Lake Washington, because I found it very easy to meditate there.


Two of the most powerful of these power places are located in the Boston and Los Angeles areas. Highly evolved souls tend to be drawn to these areas because it's easier for them to increase their awareness there.


For most people this is not a conscious process, it's an inner pull that takes place, that simply draws them there.


There is a power in the land in Concord, in Lincoln, in  the western Boston suburbs. There's an inter-dimensional vortex that opens in a variety of places in this area, which leads one to a transcendental reality.


There is a vortex of energy at the bottom of Walden Pond.  That's where the inter-dimensional opening is.  As people swim in Old Walden Pond, it soothes them, it renews them. It's a little bit like the pool in Cocoon -- I suppose, any power spot is.


Like all power spots, it needs to be treated with respect.


In a few short years you might have to become a scuba diver and go hundreds of feet underwater -- It will be the last refuge of pure aura and power on our planet, the oceans' depths.


Big Sur is a fascinating place. It is one of the true power places in America.


In the Southwestern United States, the places of power reference the lower three chakras, the chakras of power.


There are also places of power that reference the fourth and fifth chakras, which are places of balance, and places of power that reference the sixth and seventh chakras, which are places of wisdom.


The Anza Borrego Desert is a place of power, where different planes and realities intersect. It is easier to see and enter into other planes here.


A long time ago a very powerful race of Indians lived here.  They were from another cycle; their being was of another composition. They are still here, even now, you can see them on the mountain rims.


It's good to visit Hawaii if you're seeking power. You don't really need to live here.  Just to come over for a week is enough. Switzerland is another spot like this. It's very similar. These are the two clearest spots, Switzerland and Hawaii.


For some reason, there is a purity to the Swiss Alps - a certain energy - that is very reminiscent of my snowboarding experiences in the Himalayas.


There are spirits in Hawaii. They're very protective and very good and they watch over these islands. I must confess, they're not entirely happy with what they see, with the way the civilization is moving. But they're patient. They've been here for a long time, and they'll be here long after the human beings have ceased to inhabit the islands.


Maui is a beautiful island. It's really the site of an ancient civilization that we've forgotten about, a civilization that existed millions of years ago.  When their time came, they left this world and another race was born, the race of human beings.  


A dreaming vortex is a place where it's easy to change.  You come to a dreaming vortex like Hawaii to step from one dream into another, from one world into another, to change, in other words.


The forces are different up here at the continental divide.  The magnetic lines of energy run in specific directions.  The United States is divided into power zones. The Divide itself is the point where the energy meets.


The Divide is like two rivers merging, at the point of merging there is a great deal of activity.  The sunset, it's neither dark nor light, and the sunrises are the moments of transition.


I am at the Continental Divide with the astral beings. They're most beautiful.  They're most luminous. They have many shapes and sometimes their shape changes constantly,  All kinds of colors.


I am here at Lake Tahoe and there is magic at 6,000 feet.