Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, quotes on meditation, kundalini, chakras, mantras and samadhi



Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, quotes on meditation, kundalini, dharma, chakras, mantras and samadhi
Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, quotes on meditation, kundalini, dharma, chakras, mantras and samadhi

The highest type of meditation is done in silence.  In silence there are no mantras. Mantras are not essential, but they can be very helpful.


A mantra is a very powerful word. It vibrates like music does, only not on this plane but on other planes of reality. It creates a powerful force. It starts the kundalini moving.


There are thousands of mantras.  Everyone has favorites.  I prefer three – Aum, Sring, and Kring.


Chanting a mantra at the beginning of your meditation helps you clear the mind and takes you deep within the self. Chanting a mantra at the end of meditation helps you seal the meditation. It helps you bring the awareness of the meditation down into your daily life.


The mantra is a very preliminary exercise for the student to begin to grasp a sense of focus. When they are used by persons who have reached very high levels of attention, they can open up doorways to other worlds.


Mantras have an important place in meditation. But the idea has become somewhat prevalent in the West, and in the East to some extent, that the simple repetition of a mantra will eventually cause enlightenment


Start a meditation session by repeating a mantra, perhaps, "Aum", which is the most powerful of all mantras. Then, after repeating the mantra perhaps a dozen times, focus on a yantra.


Aum is the most powerful of all mantras.  It is good to chant Aum seven or more times before and after each meditation.  Chanting "Aum" puts you in harmony with the vibration of Eternity.  "Aum" opens the gateway to the infinite highway of light.


When you chant “Aum” or any mantra, do so softly and gently.  Extend the sound.  Focus your awareness on the sound of the mantra and become absorbed in it.


Sring is the mantra of beauty.  Traditionally it is connected with Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of beauty.  Chant "Sring" slowly, elongating each sound.  As you do, you will see the consciousness of beauty of everywhere.


Lakshmi is a celestial being who lives in a higher plane of existence. Her mantra is "Sring." When you chant it, it brings beauty and light into your consciousness.


You might wish to try Kali's mantra. Kali is another celestial being. She offers very fast spiritual progress through intensity. Her mantra is "Kring!" When you chant Kring, chant it very intensely and sharply. Only chant Kring when you are in a high meditation.


Kring is the mantra of power.  "Kring" should only be repeated when you are in deep meditation. 


Towards the end of your meditation session, or when you feel your meditation is deep, chant "Kring" seven times.  Repeat it with sharp intensity, without elongating the syllables.


Initially the student, in some traditions, is given a mantra, a particular word of power to focus on. While thoughts are cascading through your mind during meditation, you should be absorbed in the repetition of a mantra.


A mantra is a thought.  Use a mantra to help you still your mind initially and then move into silent meditation.


It is not a good idea to continually repeat a mantra during meditation.  Repeating a mantra throughout your mediation causes you to fixate on a specific level of consciousness.


It is more important to repeat a mantra several times with total absorption than to parrot it for hours on end.