Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, quotes on meditation, kundalini, chakras, mantras and samadhi


The kundalini is the life force; it is the essential energy of existence. It is the hidden ingredient in life. It is what makes it all work.


Power is the active force in life. It is the force that makes awareness. The general term for spiritual power is kundalini. Kundalini is the energy of life that creates awareness.


The primary energy that is active in all things is kundalini. Kundalini energy is the energy of awareness. It can be used to modify awareness.


The kundalini is the energy that opens up the bands of perception.  It is also the power that allows us to travel mentally from one dimension to another, from one experience to another.


The power that enables us to transform our awareness is the release of kundalini. All yoga, either directly or indirectly, all Buddhism, relates to the release of the kundalini energy.


Kundalini is the life force. It is given different names. They call it prana. They divide it into different segments, the apana and the samana; sometimes it's called shakti.  Nice names, it is energy.


Kundalini is almost a misleading word, unless you define it as broadly as I do.


 Kundalini is prana as it passes through a human being.


Prana is an element of energy. Energy is a manifestation of a certain principle which in Indian cosmology they call shakti, or spiritual power. Don't worry about the words too much.


The Kundalini resides in the base of the spine. It's a bit of a misnomer because the kundalini really is not so much in the physical body, as in what we call the subtle physical body, the body of energy.


The mystical kundalini is something that I normally use when we're on field trips, when we go to a place of power.


 The kundalini energy rests in potential at the base of the spine. It is possible to take that energy and allow it to move, to unleash it, from the base of the spine up to the third eye.


Kundalini energy passes through the shushumna, which is a Sanskrit name for an astral nerve channel that runs along the spinal column.


The shushumna is the tube that the kundalini passes up in the subtle body, and on one side is the ida and the other side is the pingala.


A certain amount of the kundalini is always floating through the ida and the pingala. These two little nerve tubes, on either side of the shushumna, keep us alive.


Kundalini is seen as a serpent that can shoot up the shushumna, past the chakras, opening them all and bringing you into different states of awareness.


The kundalini runs through you. It runs through the ida and the pingala, the two nerve channels in the subtle body; but there's a central channel, the shushumna, which is blocked. When it runs through that, then you can use the mystical kundalini.


When there is no thought, the kundalini rises. When you create a vacuum, something will be drawn into it. The less thought you have, the more kundalini will flow through the chakras, the shushumna.


If you take the time to bring the light of the supra-conscious into your being, then automatically all blockages will go away. These are just ways of talking, there are no blockages, schematically I mean.


As the kundalini energy increases, as the energy of the psyche becomes more pronounced, which it does as thought becomes eclipsed by silence, all the variant mind states burn away.  


Personal power changes or shapes consciousness, and that is kundalini. Kundalini exists within us. Some people have more of it, some dimensions have more of it.


At times of extreme intensity, the kundalini can become active. Suddenly a 70-year old lady, who can't lift a bag of prunes, will lift an automobile a few inches because her grandchild got stuck under it.


The kundalini energy is often compared to a snake that is coiled up. Because it is coiled up it can spring very quickly. It can jump and extend itself very far.


Kundalini is generated through cultivating humility, purity, through meditation, selfless giving, and by studying with an advanced teacher on a personal level.


People are under the assumption that the kundalini just flows from the base of the spine up. That's not the case at all. Kundalini also flows downward.


The kundalini flows upward. It also flows downward in different ways. It is quite complex, actually.


The kundalini energy enables us to do things that would not happen otherwise, to apply an occult pressure, to use energy to create effects perhaps thousands of miles away.


Kundalini can be transmitted. A person who is very adept at the enlightenment process can transmit it. Whether you feel it or not, it's affecting you in a very positive way.


You can transmit the kundalini physically when people are there, and of course, long distance. It is energy, inter-dimensional energy.


The kundalini rises and the kundalini is hot, it's a hot energy. Sometimes you feel it cascading up your spine, and it's kind of searing or it's tingling, it almost feels sexual.


It's funny, people who have a lot of sexual energy think of themselves as being not spiritual. They are probably more spiritually inclined. All that sexual energy is kundalini.


People who tap the kundalini and are able to release it are more successful. Anyone who is really on top has some access to the kundalini. They have learned somewhere down the line, in this or other lives, ways of releasing power.


Everyone has kundalini. It's already there. But it's a question of waking it up. If there are problems with the subtle physical body, it's very hard for the kundalini to flow.


What will really release the kundalini is creating a stillness in your life. This stillness will come about through deep caring and introspection. It will come about slowly and then quickly -- it builds momentum.


To increase the flow of kundalini that will alter our perception, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of one's being. This is to come to understand dharma.


It is necessary first in the practice of Kundalini yoga to determine what the dharma is. There is a dharma for you.


Don't worry about techniques. Don't worry about chakras. Instead, concern yourself with finding the dharma and meditate. Then the kundalini will release.


Have your life properly aligned with dharma.  The technicalities of the movement of the kundalini are easy to master. Dharma is much more complex.


Try and stop your thoughts. Be patient and then the kundalini will flow through you and bring about substantial changes in your awareness.


The sign that the kundalini is releasing is not the development of miraculous powers, but that your mind is becoming quieter.


If the kundalini is flowing through you at a very rapid rate, if you are not in harmony with the dharma, then you will have great problems with the study.


There is a way to open up the chakras, there is a mystical way. But if you do that, you'll get yourself into very hot water, and it's ultimately slower.


It is possible with pure willpower to force the kundalini up the shushumna, through the chakras. You will develop visions of other worlds that will not necessarily stop when you want them to. This is a condition we call insanity.


Awakening the mystical kundalini prematurely is dangerous, because unless you have refined your being, you'll get all screwed up, entities, weird powers strange things. That is why I don't teach anyone how to open up the chakras.


What I teach you to do is how to bring the light of the supraconscious throughout your being, because once you have done that, the chakras will open up by themselves.


Ecstasy can be painful when it's intense enough, when the kundalini surges enough. The ecstasy is so complete, it's overwhelming sometimes.


Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of power.   Without wisdom, a powerful person does not become more powerful. Their power will turn back on them and eventually destroy them. So those who are truly wise become most powerful.


There's many kinds of kundalini, just as there's a spectrum of light. Put light through a prism and you get different gradations. So there are different gradations of kundalini. Some gradations of kundalini are darker, some are lighter.


The kundalini comes in two primary forms when it comes forward from a spiritual teacher.


The highest octave kundalini is the golden light which occurs in the supraconscious; it is the supraconscious. It's what they call Sat Chit Ananda -- existence, consciousness, bliss ... full consciousness.


The kundalini of the supraconscious has nothing to do with the shushumna. That light comes down, from the crown center and has nothing to do with the opening. It descends and inundates.


The mystical kundalini is very different. It is a much more intense transformative energy which, when used, allows a person to make tremendous spiritual leaps in a short period of time.


The mystical kundalini goes the other direction. It starts at the base of the spine, at the root chakra and goes up.


The mystical kundalini is something that I normally use when we're on field trips, when we go to a place of power. The mystical kundalini is aided by that place.


You draw the mystical kundalini from the earth. Earth is an element. Fire, air, earth, water, and ether -- the mystical kundalini comes through them all.


For most persons, the mystical kundalini energy is easier to initially perceive, unless you're extremely sensitive. It's more of a rush, a flash. There's an electric quality to it, a burning heat.


There's lower mystical kundalini and higher mystical kundalini. There are ranges within the range.


The mystical kundalini energy has some, I don't know if you'd call them limitations, but there are certain operational factors which you should understand about it.

When you are subjected to this light, depending on how strong the dose is, you will have two or three days in which you can make tremendous changes within your self, in the structure of your being.


This light unglues the formation and structure of the being for a certain period of time. It will reassemble automatically.


After two or three days, the door will close and you will not be able to make those changes as easily.


A human being can only absorb a small amount of the mystical kundalini, you can be exposed again and again to it, but it won't really make a difference. You can only absorb so much.


The higher octave light that comes from samadhi, the kundalini of samadhi, this you can absorb continuously. You can never overload. It can never hurt you.


Neither is detrimental, but the mystical kundalini is a bit more raucous.


Not all teachers utilize both forms of light.In certain circles, those teachers who can manifest the light of samadhi but not the mystical light have put down the mystical light.


They have said this is a lower level. Ridiculous! They're really both the same light, just two different forms.


If you had to pick between one or the other, I can't say which one is better; but I would certainly say, in my orientation, the light of samadhi is all-pervasive. Samadhi will free you.