Introduction to Meditation


Meditation is the journey to happiness.


Meditation is a bright, hopeful practice in which we learn to make our mind quiet so that the infinite, perfect light of enlightenment can flow through us.


Meditation is essential because meditation opens the mind to itself.


Meditation is the art of life. Meditation is not simply a practice. It is an experience, awareness, and a way of perceiving life.


Meditation is wondering. It is both wondering and wonder.


We quiet the mind and open ourselves to our limitless possibilities. As a human being you are capable of a higher level of perception than you may now be congnizant of.


You might as well be perfect. There is really not all that much else to do here that is exciting.


You can't throw your ego away, but you can use its innate desire to experience that which is beyond itself to give you the impetus to meditate.


In meditation, when your mind becomes perfectly still and calm, you will experience the golden light of eternity.


Meditation is existence.  When we meditate, all we are simply doing is letting go and allowing ourselves to dissolve back into that which we really are.  We are merging with life and light.


Everyone meditates in their own way. Some people sit and practice formal mediation techniques for many hours a day while others spontaneously meditate while watching a sunset, listening to music, or participating in athletics.


When you experience the light, voila, you're happy. The very nature of the light is happiness. You don't have to do anything or be anybody special.


When you are in a condition of light everything is ecstatic, everything is joyous, everything is beautiful. Your attention field is subtle. The ego is quiet. The mind is still. Your heart is happy.


When you meditate, you are shifting your state of mind to a higher vibratory level that will give you a much more expansive view.


What makes us happy is to have a spiritual experience ... that experience of ecstasy in the deepest meditation; that's happiness.


Meditation is the study of making the mind still. As your mind becomes still, a power enters you. This power transmogrifies your mind, it escalates your evolution and you begin to cycle through many incarnations in one lifetime.


When you meditate you feel joy, harmony, peace, stillness, ecstasy, laughter, certainty, courage, strength, awareness and immortality. In the beginning you will feel these things vaguely, a distant knocking at your castle door.


There is no loneliness when you meditate, you feel eternity. How could you ever be lonely? You just feel God's love for you and that sustains you. It's totally clear; it's part of every aspect of your being.


Meditation simply means entering into states of mind which are happiness: profound happiness, simple happiness, beautiful happiness, complicated, uncomplicated - There are ten thousand states of mind.


Meditation is something that is indigenous to the heart, which makes it hard to talk about. We don't necessarily need to talk about it too much other than to get a sense of the practice.


Meditation essentially means having a great time.


Some people have applied a sense or a feeling to the meditative experience, such that, meditation has become a quantifiable religious experience, which means it's not any fun!


If we get too caught up in the rhetoric of meditation, we will miss the point. The point was to go beyond rhetoric.


Through the practice of concentration and various techniques, we silence the mind and we enter into a flow of perfect light. We go outside of the parameters of mind and thought and experience nirvana.


If you seek the realms of light, the best thing to do is to meditate with love and the gentle aliveness. Meditation should not be forced.


People who meditate seek good moments forever. They know that there are other worlds beyond this world. They feel it. I experience those worlds when I meditate.


Reading books about enlightenment does not make you enlightened at all. You have to meditate yourself.


Meditation is a violent act of separation from mass consciousness and direct access to power.


We see in meditation that our experiences are endless, that we are endless, eternal spirit, not as a thought or an idea you read in a book. You have the experience yourself, every day.


Meditation is the use of symbols, not abstractions. A symbol is something alive. It is a hyphen between one reality and another.


There are billions of people out there walking around and they don't meditate. You can tell. They are not having a good time with their lives. People are not happy.


This is a world of unhappy beings. They don't understand how simple it is to be happy. You just have to practice meditation. To meditate is to be happy.


Happiness has to do with how quickly you vibrate. Meditation is a process of speeding up the vibration.


Each time you meditate, you create a stronger connection with the world of inner light and happiness that exists within you.


Happiness is found principally in meditation.


It is not simply a transient happiness that you experience in meditation that creates balance; it is a transformative light. Inner light is the most powerful thing there is.


I'm not suggesting that everyone should meditate, far from it. Meditation is for very few individuals. I'm speaking of something that is a powerful experience.


Meditation is not for everybody. When you meditate you become conscious. Most people don't want to be too conscious because they are afraid of awareness, of death, and of being happy.


In meditation all the fake dull thoughts that you think, all the ridiculous philosophies, the necessities, all the things that won't matter a bit when you are dead - fade away.


Meditate and bath in the light of eternity.  Nothing else is worthwhile.


Meditation is like taking a shower. You are going to wash all the dirt off that you have picked up since your last shower and be clean.


The practice of meditation is an ancient practice. It's been practiced in many lands, for many lifetimes. You may have practiced it before.


Meditation is when we go beyond incarnation, beyond all cycles, to immortality, to something that is not transient.


Some people are drawn to meditation without knowing why. Their inner being realizes that they've totally fouled up their life so far, and now it's just going to drag them to the local meditation hall.


Some people meditate because they want to get the larger picture on life. It could get kind of discouraging if this was all there was.


Some people meditate because they are sick and tired of their life, of the world, of the way people abuse each other and abrogate each other's freedoms.


Some people meditate because they need more energy and when you meditate you get a tremendous amount of energy.


The reason one enters into lower mental states is because you don't have the power or chi flowing through you.


You are down in the valley and the valley is filled with smog. You can't see too well. When we meditate, we are going beyond the smog to the top of the mountain.


The place that you gain the most power is within your own mind. Stopping thought generates power. That is why people meditate. The longer you can stop thought, the more power you gain.


You need energy and life force to see and feel what you need to do. Otherwise you are in a dark room and you can't tell what's going on. You need to practice meditation.


When you meditate properly you are able to take your mind and merge it with the cosmos. Essentially, this causes your IQ to increase.


When you meditate you will be able to get in touch with that part of yourself which knows what it wants, as opposed to the levels and layers of conditioning in your mind.


You start meditation as an average human being who is filled with vagueness and not much purpose or definition,  who is controlled by their desires, your mind spins all over the place, your senses spin all over the place, out of control.


The mind is like a lake. It reflects eternity when it's very still. If ripples appear, lots of them, then the reflection is not clear. We lose the clarity of the perfect reflection.


Learn to meditate. It's fun. It will give you a strong, wonderful mind.


There is a spirit that guides us, if we will listen. It speaks softly. In order to hear it we must still our thoughts and meditate.


Even after only several weeks of practicing meditation, you will begin to have more energy and be a little bit happier. Eventually, you will experience ecstasy and knowledge beyond the power of words to describe!


You become someone else when you meditate. It isn't just a little technique. If you really pursue it, you change radically - you evolve.


When you meditate you are accessing eternity. You are plugging yourself into that source which is all light and all beauty and all perfection.


Beginning meditation is a process of unhooking ourselves from thought, being motivated to meditate. It is very exciting in the beginning because we see the tremendous jumps we make in awareness.


As you do your daily meditations, your life will change. Most people change between the ages of zero to four. The older we get the less we change. When we meditate we become perpetually young.


Meditation is a process of liquefying the self temporarily and then allowing the self to rebind. The ice melts and then it comes back again.


If we are in the same state of mind, we just self-reflect, things are dull and gray and kind of boring.


When you start to meditate, if you stick with it, you will see tremendous changes in your life and state of mind.


As your meditation practice improves from month to month, more and more light and ecstasy will spill over into the moments of your daily life. Eventually you will always exist in a state of continual light.


For years we practice meditation, like any art, and we get better at it each day. In the beginning it's just enough for us to sit down and focus our attention.


If you meditate, then the real miracle is the transformation of your awareness field beyond the body. Beyond the body there are oceans of light, continents of light, universes of light.  Meditation frees you from this world.


The good news is that you don't have to stop thoughts completely to meditate. It takes a long time to stop thought impeccably. What you need is to detach yourself from thought.


When there is no thought in the mind, no thought of thought, when the mind is quiet but fully alert, we experience a little bit of enlightenment.


Through the practice of meditation and Buddhism, as you experience light, it immediately delights you.


If you meditate you will change in ways that I cannot understand. But that is neither here nor there.


Learn to meditate, practice and don't get frustrated. It will take you years to learn to meditate perfectly. Every time you try, you are growing. It's not as if you have to meditate perfectly to make progress.


There are those who feel that meditation is unrealistic or takes them out of the world, and if that was your experience with mediation, you weren't meditating.


Meditation is not impractical or unrealistic, nor is it difficult to integrate with any lifestyle or age, in that it's timeless, although it occurs in time.


If you meditate your mind will become razor sharp. Your memory and retention will be superb. New talents and abilities will begin to unfold. You will become younger each day, yet wiser.


Think of your mind as a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it will become.


 People who meditate deeply find wonderful things happening in their life all the time.


The study of meditation is the entrance into the world of Wonderland. It has nothing to do with how you'd like it. You want a nice neat little study that's easily understandable.


When you meditate, you take charge of your life. You bring your conscious awareness to a new high point, where the vista is beyond any horizon.


Meditation gives you personal power. You will notice that people will treat you differently as you progress because they can feel that power. Use that power wisely. If you search your heart, I think you will.


If you pursue meditation with a non-competitive attitude, with a hopeful and helpful attitude, without violence, then you will find that you will become a very benign and powerful being, one who is at peace with himself and the universe.


When you meditate, you will care more for those around you and you will be able to do more for them, as your own awareness advances. Everyone who comes into your field of energy is positively influenced.


As you meditate, you'll develop a sense of humor so that you can laugh at yourself, which you need to do in this world.


Learn to control your emotions. Be able to glide through them. By practicing concentration exercises and meditation, you will find that when strong emotions strike, you will gain the ability to not be swayed by them.


As you meditate, you will be able to look at the beauties and horrors of life and accept them with an equal mind. You will love more and be kinder to those around you.


Stress is a state of mind and if you realize that you will find that it's something you can deal with. It is my belief that stress occurs not because of the conditions of the world.


Meditation will give you the power to overcome fear. As you sit and meditate each day, it makes you stronger. The energy of the universe flows through your mind, your body, and your life.


Will is developed in meditation. It is refined. It is within you, but you don't know how to get to it.


With the power of one's will we stop thought and move into alternate forms of perception. We gain that power through practicing very, very, very hard each day when we meditate to stop our thoughts.


When we meditate and we are able to stop thought, we get a sense of being beyond the body. Our consciousness expands and we see ourselves as beings of light.


Meditation is a practice of detaching and then stopping ourselves from thinking; our thoughts are interruptions in the flow of awareness. Consciousness, in its highest aspect, is perfect and formless.


Meditation is the freeing of ourselves from all mental states and concepts of self.


What we're seeking to do is internalize perception. Perception is very much involved with the senses and the mental processes and the emotional processes.


Our current perception is very cloudy and all screwed up. As our perception increases through meditation, we're seeing life more correctly.


We are not really separate beings of light. That's a dream we are having, the dream of multiplicity. Meditation takes us beyond the moment to eternal awareness.


The period of meditation is a time when we go back to the source. We go back to what we were before we were born.


If there were no world, no time, no space, no condition, if none of us existed, that would be meditation.


Meditation is not emptiness.  That is a way of trying to talk about something that is impossible to put into words. It is a world of fullness, if anything.


From the point of view of meditation, there is nothing that is not God. When we meditate, we are participating in a spiritual experience. We are seeing life is not perhaps as we thought, but a little bit different, vastly different.


When you go into the planes of light, all of the incorrect ways of seeing and understanding life that you pick up are washed away.


When you meditate deeply, you will see beyond life and death. You will see that you can't die and you can't be reborn. You are existence itself.


The universe is ecstasy.  We have many other ways of perceiving infinity. When you perceive life through these other modes, that's when you see that the universe is ecstasy. That's when you experience its ecstasy.


Wisdom, in the world of enlightenment, is not gained through conversation. Wisdom and enlightenment is something that you gain by making the mind still.


You remember, you are drawn back to the pathway to enlightenment, to meditation, and when you begin to meditate your past life knowledge returns to you.


In meditation we get a sense of the countless selves within ourselves, the different forms they take. Those that don't seem positive or helpful we push aside. Those that seem progressive we enjoy.


When you meditate and still your mind, you will gain the wisdom of knowing things in this world, in other worlds, and beyond worlds - it just comes to you.


As you meditate, you will find that consciousness itself will move you beyond time and space and condition into a larger, vaster, more beautiful state of awareness.


We live in a sensual world, and at the same time we live beyond it - billions of dimensions that are nonphysical, we experience them when we stop thought.


With the practice of meditation you can move into other states of mind, sort of ungluing the glue that binds you to a particular perceptual mode, a way of seeing life which is an illusory one.


When you can successfully stop thought for longer periods of time, you do move into other worlds. This can also happen in the very beginning, if a person meditates with someone who is very advanced.


If you meditate, you can experience the other worlds, the far-flung eternities and dimensions - and you are not stuck in any one of them.


As you meditate, you will discover, pleasantly, that you too can see beyond this life, that you can see your eternality.


When it comes time to die, you will not be afraid. By meditating, you will have already seen beyond life and death and you will see there is nothing to fear.


In meditation, when your thoughts are stopped, you become empty.  When you are empty, your mind folds back on itself and you see through the illusions of the material world.


Try to be still inside. Learn to quiet and stop thought, and you will be able to develop your mind. Your psychic intuition will start to come about.


When you develop your psychic vision after some meditation, you will be able to see the subtle physical of others, or perhaps yourself. At first you will see it as an aura; eventually you can see the whole subtle physical.


A lot of people have this live or die attitude with mediation. It has to be all or nothing. I don't think it should be. It's a study that you follow for the rest of your life.


Real meditation engenders humility and purity, always. Yet I don't really think it demands any kind of lifestyle.


The way to meditate is by not trying to be too good at it too quickly. This is essential, because otherwise you won't have any fun with it.


You have to learn to be very, very gentle to start with - with yourself eventually. Meditation is not something that you force. It is something that happens to you because life gives you a gift.


Meditation is coming back to your original self, if we can use self without a sense of self. It's perfect, clear light, radiant, infinite mind of the universe, as it is, without identifying with qualities


Unfortunately we've seen meditation insulted in a sense with the image of ritual. You have to dress a certain way, follow a certain type of lifestyle, all that sort of thing, very culty - and that, of course, has nothing to do with the practice whatsoever.


Don't try to be someone. Be yourself. This is what mediation should teach you.


Try to find a teacher of meditation and meditate at least once a week in a group with people who meditate a little better than you do. It will inspire you to keep meditating.


In meditation, we are going back into the light. All our pain will be taken away, our frustration.


The aggregates that we pick up in the human plane will be washed away, and we will become pure spirit, pure light, pure love, and pure ecstasy.


The light is not quantifiable. You experience it in meditation when thought stops. When you go beyond the limitations of the ego, the light is waiting for you.


Learn the motions of infinity within your mind. Your mind becomes a perfect mirror to the motions of infinity.


What you focus on you become. If you spend an hour or two a day meditating and focusing on light, then you will eventually become light.


The key to all enlightenment is to have personal experiences in the world of light. All you need to do that is to meditate.


Meditation is the quickest path to enlightenment.


The immortal silence is there always waiting for you. The spirit is deathless and courageous. You need only avail yourself.


This is simple meditation, nothingness and everythingness, the color and the form, death and the void, the end and the beginning, a beginningless end with an endless beginning, Pretty clever if you ask me.


Meditation...never leave the body without it!