uotes by Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, on God, Theology, Religion, Prayer, Miracles, Metaphysics, and Moses


The more I say about God, the less you'll know about God.


God is limitless awareness. There, now I have told you everything I know about God ... a lot of good it did you.


God is not an objective correlative reality.


God is Godless. God is an idea that we have, another construct, a prop, which doesn't suggest that God doesn't exist.  God is existence. But your idea of God and existence are two different things at the moment.


The stillness of God is perfect. Nothing has to be added to it. Nothing can be taken away.


Only a humble person can come to know God because the humble person can recognize that there is something more powerful, more complete and more perfect than they are.


The reason you don't get to know God is because you're afraid. You're afraid of the immensity.


The ecstasy and completion of absorption in God is so fantastic that you can't possibly have lost anything because all the things you've always loved and always experienced came forth from there and exist there and are always there.


God is within your mind. God is within all things. As a matter of fact, there is nothing that is not God.


Everything is God. Everything is light. It is only when we live in illusions, when there are shadows in our mind that we are afraid. 


All the eyes of God are looking through all the stars, or looking at the stars through our eyes. There's only the eye of God everywhere, seeing and being in perfection always.


We forget about the space between the stars, the pure and perfect space that's also the eye of God. To penetrate the mystery is to become the mystery; to penetrate infinity is to become infinity; to penetrate light is to become light.


We walk upon the grace of god. Nothing else exists except that.


Life is an endless experience of God's. God doesn't even exist in nirvana, yet God exists in all other realms.


Life is light and consciousness. Beyond this world and other worlds, beyond time and space and dimension, beyond what we call duality, is God


It's only with that absolute humility and purity that you can make friends with God; because, otherwise, you're just too busy with all your desires.


If you hate yourself and your desires, well, you know, God is your desires and God is your self. As long as you hate God, you'll never realize God.


You're looking through the kaleidoscope of God and seeing God's face in so many ways, as friends, as strangers, passersby, country roads, jammed freeways, the cancer ward, the maternity ward -- all the faces of God surround you at all times.


Heaven is a state of awareness. Hell is a state of awareness.


We use the word "God" as representative of that which is timeless, immortal and infinite, that which produces order, which holds together the nucleus of an atom, which gives us life and death, neither masculine nor feminine, not a person, beyond any comprehension.


To become conscious of God, to become God's consciousness, to become God, to be God and to be beyond God, God being beyond God, God having an existence separate from the creation, to be that, to merge with that, to lose one's self and find one's self endlessly again and again in that is self-realization.


Enlightenment, nirvana, God, truth, call it what you will - there is no activity other than the eternal activities of the universe, perfect being, the awareness of all suchness and knowledge.


God is not a person. God does not have a history. God does not have a future. God is beyond definition. We can say that your perception of this world is God.


You're not a person. We take that form. We're an essence. We're an awareness of God's. We're made up of countless, countless realities.


What does God really look like stripped naked? That's the province of enlightenment…the formless, perfect face of existence.


You are god. To be conscious of that not just from the point of view of the human form, to be endless and beginningless perfect being, is to be enlightened.


Most people's Gods are self-reflective. God just has to be like you. You get concerned, so you assume God must get concerned. You get pissed off, so you assume God must get pissed off. You're attached to things that you create, so you assume that God would be.


To think that God is compassionate is a terrible mistake. To think that God is wrathful is equally stupid. God isn't emotional. You are. To superimpose your emotions on infinity is typically human.


Some people think God should in some way come to you and assist you, should answer your prayers. Why? It exists in perfect ecstasy beyond the dualistic consciousness. It's totally oblivious to you. It has no interest in your life or your death -- it doesn't matter.


It's up to you to avail yourself to knowledge. Knowledge doesn't need you. The idea of a compassionate God was formulated, obviously, by someone who didn't want to do any work.


Moses goes to the top of the mountain and he comes back glowing, transformed. He became the vision.


In order to understand God, you have to learn to listen. You're thoughts talk very loudly all the time. But God is very, very, very quiet. God doesn't speak through words or thoughts. God doesn't speak. God is silent.


How can you give something to someone who has everything? If you think men are tough to shop for at Christmas, try God. God has everything except one thing, friends. God doesn't have friends.


The one thing you can give God that will truly impress God is freindship. God is an eternal companion who is with you all the time - never judges, just is.


It's amazing to me how many people who profess to be spiritual seekers are self-seekers, and how few of them ever consider God.


To just burn out, to give up just because things don't go your way, to assume that there is no God, no infinite light -- I think that's pretty petty, personally.


Some people say: "There is no God; because, if there was a God, God would stop all the suffering." Nonsense! God is oblivious to suffering. God is beyond suffering. That's what makes God, God, by definition.


From age to age an enlightened person comes along, one who has made friends with God. They're usually forgotten or scorned.


If you can't make freinds with God, make freinds with someone is friends and maybe you'll get invited to the party.


The eye of God is inside us. It's looking through us and it sees whatever we look at. Sometimes I think we could give God better things to look at, don't you?