Enlightened Teachers

Dr. Frederick Lenz, Zen Master Rama, quotes on avatars, buddhism, enlightenment, nirvana, zen, tantra, tibetan and mahayana.


Enlightened beings are rare in the universe. They are the joker in the deck. They are outside the circle.


Enlightened teachers are not logical. They don't function from levels that are understandable to the human mind. They're not religious. Religions form around them, usually after they've died.


The truly enlightened are not necessarily very religious. Religon is a convienent description to take care of our fears, to passify us.


Perpetual wakefulness doesn't mean you have all physical knowledge, that you can speak all languages, that you can fix cars...that is a storybook, Hollywood version of the enlightenment experience.


The enlightened teacher is someone who has become absorbed in eternity. While they may have a body like others, the essence of their being is light.


Sometimes beings come forth from that realmless realm. Light incarnates and wanders around through the samsara, kind of looking at itself in various countless forms. We call beings that come from that realm “enlightened”.


There are beings who come into this world, from time to time, not simply with miraculous powers, which we call the siddhas, but with a miraculous awareness that is so strong yet so subtle that anyone or anything that touches that awareness is transformed forever.


An enlightened master is a perpetual source of the cosmic light because his mind is always merged with nirvana.


The teacher is not a person; they're a field of energy. They're a series of levels of attention. While they have a body and appear to be there, they're not.


If you ever want to study acting you should be around an enlightened person for a while, because all they do is play roles, since they no longer have a self.


They just teach by their presence. They don't really have a message for humanity. It's irrelevant at that point. They're just a fluid, perfect embodiment of what we call the dharmakaya or the enlightenment of nirvana .


True teachers of enlightenment are hard to find. The popular ones, of course, usually aren't enlightened because how could they be? They just tell people what they want to hear.


Good teachers are not known for telling you what you want to hear, and consequently they're rarely popular because they tend to offend people on a regular basis by their mere presence on earth.


Human beings, when they encounter that which can't be understood, they either run away from it, run towards it blindly, or just rationalize it out of existence.


A real enlightened teacher is intense and they could care less what you think about anything at any time since you are lost in illusions.


Advanced Teachers always forgive. It is inevitable that anyone who seek knowledge and power will make many mistakes.


An enlightened teacher has personal power. Sitting and meditating with an enlightened teacher in a meditation hall or at a power spot can change you forever.


To encounter such a being is considered the ultimate karmic blessing in the sense that your life will be so configured that every single variant problematic karma will surface, which means you have the opportunity of passing through them all correctly, going over the ocean of the samsara and reaching nirvana yourself.


Human beings have illusions. The enlightened don't have illusions. They see things as they are, and in that seeing, they see ecstasy and joy. They see the play of life.


An enlightened person doesn't know it all. Enlightenment simply means walking beyond this and all worlds into nirvana, which is beyond knowledge and ignorance.


Even enlightened people think of themselves as beginners. They probably think of themselves as beginners more than others do -- perpetual beginners who begin again each moment because their subject is endless.


Imagine for a moment that you were God. Not God as a man or woman, but God as the awareness of all life. To be that in physical form is to be an enlightened person.


When you are enlightened, your physical body will still feel pain if you get hurt, but you will not be overwhelmed even by extreme physical pain, because your mind is filled with light, love and understanding.


Some souls attain enlightenment. No one knows why. You could say it is individual inclination. I'm not convinced that's the case.


Most people who have been enlightened in previous incarnations normally begin to regain their past-life enlightenment around the age of twenty-nine, when their astrological Saturn return takes place.


In this whole world, there are actually very few people who study meditation with an enlightened master. This is because there are not very many enlightened masters on the entire earth.


If you are a student of an enlightened master, you can literally tap into his aura, anywhere and at anytime. All you have to do is meditate on your Buddhist master and the light will come into your mind.


A person who wants to progress more rapidly and wishes to overcome unhappiness sooner, should try to find an enlightened master.


No one on this earth attains enlightenment anymore without an enlightened master as a guide, unless that person was enlightened in many previous incarnations.


Almost anyone can see the golden light in an enlightened master's aura when the master meditates, unless, of course, the person is blocked up psychically.


At times your entire body tingles with ecstasy as you feel the waves of psychic energy that emanate from the master's aura touching your own body.


Being a siddha master is indeed a great accomplishment, but it is not the same as being enlightened. People confuse siddha masters, who have the power to perform miracles, with enlightened masters who can enter into samadhi.


It's nice if you love a liberated person, and you should, because they love you. They're lovable. They're children playing in a very, very unusual world filled with vortexes of dancing darkness and light.


If the teacher is truly enlightened, energy and light is always coming forth from them. To be in their physical presence is a great boon, not of the teacher but of that light which passes through them.


If you can develop a connection, what we call an inner connection with the teacher, then it is not even necessary to be in the physical presence of the teacher, although it will always be stronger.


There is always a certain amount of 'transmission loss.' You can have a power generator and if the power is going on 100 miles away, even with very efficient cable there could be a certain amount of loss.


If you become very close to your teacher, if you do well in your meditation, a deep emotional bond will develop between both of you over a period of time. You can be thousands of miles away from your teacher and find that induction is always taking place. That's the ideal.


If you respect your teacher, you do better. Respect is only good because it will help you. Real liberated people, what can you do for them? They've got everything.  They are everything. They don't need to be worshipped or adored.


Even to the sage who's doing Sahaja Samadhi, the great guru, I'd say: "Hey buddy, you know, I like the robes and everything, but remember, you're only touching infinity. And if you claim to be doing more, I think you're pretty much  in the senses and the body and the mind because infinity is endless.”


While people who are enlightened are worthy of respect, to put them on a pedestal is a mistake. To undervalue them is also a mistake.


The more advanced the teacher, the better for you. The fifth degree black belt is so expert that they will understand that you're a beginner and throw you perfectly so that no harm will befall you.


If a spiritual teacher says something that doesn't make sense to you, you should always listen to yourself and not the teacher. A little common sense would end all cults.


Many people claim to be liberated...it's an endless list!  According to "moi", as Ms. Piggy would say, there are currently, on this earth, 12 beings who are self-realized. Eleven are men, one is a woman. Most of them are in the Far East, most of them you've never heard of and probably never will.


The abuse of power manifests with phony spiritual teachers and phony gurus who tell you how to run your life and what to wear and what to eat, all that sort of stuff. They abuse. People don't realize that, listen to them and ruin their lives.


Phony gurus make themselves objects of adoration and worship. Real spiritual teachers aren't interested in adoration and worship. They like respect only because they realize respect will help the student.


Once in while a teacher may make a recommendation, it is usually after going through the basic Socratic method of trying to get people to figure it out themselves. A good teacher challenges your mind, your intellect, and your spirit.


An esoteric or enlightened teacher of Buddhism is someone who has the ability to transfer power to another individual. A real empowerment is not just a ceremony.


Liberated souls are a rare commodity in this world. They are no better; it's just you, a little later, in the next act or in the next play.


I think only a person who's studied WITH someone for many years is in a position to voice a true opinion about a particular teacher.


When you find a teacher, you devote your time and energy to what they believe in. You surrender not them but to the infinite, which operates through them.


A real liberated teacher never asks for a commitment from a student. That's absurd, a person wants to be there and they want to learn everything they can.


There is deception. People who think they are enlightened and it's just ego.


There are phony teachers who profess all kinds of things, and I think you will figure out real fast who they are. They just don't feel right.


It's a good idea to be in the physical presence of the enlightened teacher because it's not physical. You can hear the ocean from quite a ways away, but if you're standing right in front of it, it's easier.


Sometimes when you are with an enlightened teacher, you will feel both pleasant and unpleasant things magnified. That happens when you meditate with someone who goes into very strong states of altered consciousness.


Enlightened teachers can do certain miracles, but they are not really miracles. They just know how to use energy on other levels of consciousness. A miracle is in the eye of the beholder, as is all of life.


When you sit with an enlightened teacher physically, the teacher moves in and out of different states of mind. That is how you learn to do it yourself.


Is it important to have an enlightened teacher? No. Yes. If you are an absolute beginner, it really doesn't matter that much, to tell you the truth.


The later stages of the enlightenment process are trickier, and it is really essential to have a teacher then.   You need correction, direction, and most of all you need a master's auric empowerment.


Most teachers are not enlightened. Very few are. That doesn't mean they are not great teachers.


The ultimate horror movie for a really un-illuminated being is an enlightened person. They are scared of others seeing what they are all about and what they really do. They are scared of truth.


When you meditate with an enlightened teacher, you will feel something from them. They just dissolve completely, absorption in nirvana, where they don't even have physical contact with this world anymore.


An enlightened person is not in touch with all the ten thousand states of mind simultaneously always. It would be very hard to go shopping let alone drive the car.


An enlightened person is someone who shifts from one plateau of knowledge to another.


There is obstruction. Enlightenment is not very popular in this world. History tells us that enlightened teachers who made themselves largely available to human beings had problems.


Enlightened people live in very charged states of attention, with a tremendous power circuiting through them.


Many enlightened persons are never very well known. Many are reclusive. They live in little villages in India or up in the high Himalayas in Tibet. Some have no students at all. Some have a few.


Once in a while an enlightened teacher goes out into the world and spreads the dharma. They attract some attention, and it is a great spectacle to see who and why and what is drawn.


Nonphysical beings are drawn to enlightened beings. Some come to aid them in there work; some come to interfere. Some just come to watch. Enlightenment is rare in this world.


The enlightened being can look through states of mind, but they are also outside of them.


The teacher will be moving through thousands of states of mind and sometimes beyond mind. While you are with the teacher, be sensitive to that. Without being flaky and devotional, develop respect for the teacher, just as the teacher respects you.


Hold a positive thought of an enlightened person in your mind. When that thought touches their aura, it comes back quickly with a positive lift. You will go up.


If you have done your homework, then the slightest motion from the teacher can cause you to spin into hundreds of different states of mind. That can only happen for the prepared individual.


An enlightened person has real power and when they think a good thought, the tremendous power of attention causes their students to actually lift up into those states. It brings a power into their lives.


People who are enlightened in previous lifetimes have a certain degree of difficulty in regaining their enlightenment. Sometimes it comes in childhood. Sometimes it takes many years to reintegrate the personality structure that they gained when they first entered into this world.


An enlightened teacher has so much power that when they meditate, a tremendous aura builds up around them. The aura will open up your aura and increase it. You will move into a higher plane of knowledge. You will gain a new view of the world.


An enlightened teacher is able to put a tremendous amount of power through a person who seeks knowledge and escalates the evolution of the individual.


The person who helps you is the person who aids you in becoming independent and strong. Good teachers don't answer your questions, they ask you questions.


Only the completely enlightened are beyond winning and losing. Yet, strangely enough, they had to win to get to the point of being beyond winning and losing.


An enlightened person lives in the world, passes through the ten thousand states of mind, but they are not bound by them. They can go beyond perception.


It is important to monitor your mind constantly. This is particularly important if you are studying with an enlightened teacher, because you are absorbing tremendous power from the teacher.


People come to a teacher to learn self-discovery. A teacher who just wants to keep you on a string forever, the god-guru concept, a teacher like that is very abusive. Those people are actually usually taking their students energy.


If you meditate with a teacher who is enlightened, you can ride with them into stages of mind that are perhaps not available to you at this time.


The role of the teacher is to make sure that the practice is pure. By guiding the student, you make sure that they are really going into the planes of light and not fooling themselves.


A teacher can show you the ways. But no one can do it for you. You have to take what you learn from them and go out and live it. You have to change your life.


 I think it is best to let the experience you have with a teacher direct itself, Instead of trying to make the experience into what you might like it to be. Leave it alone!


It is incumbent upon the student to go to the teacher to learn.


Some teachers are extremely inaccessible. They feel their teachings are for very few so they make it intentionally hard to get to themselves.


Some teachers are very accessible. They advertise a great deal, they go out into the public. If they're advanced teachers, doubtlessly they are very inaccessible in terms of physical proximity.


A teacher will have an initial contact at some point with someone. It happens inwardly first. Before you ever meet an advanced teacher, they have somehow traveled inwardly along the astral planes.


An enlightened teacher teaches you how to gain power. They give you power. They teach you how to shape it so that it becomes an instrument of beauty and not an instrument of unhappiness.


The teaching process is lengthy because there are many, many states of mind to go through. And in each state of mind there is a different aggregate of self to be explored.


Most teachers of self-discovery have two types of students. They have students they deal with in a more exoteric way than the esoteric students. Esoteric truths are presented to usually a smaller group of students.


With a teacher it is necessary to be sensitive to their directions; most of the time they won't say much. You have to be still and silent to understand.


You must discriminate between those who claim to help you and only want to manipulate you and those who are free, who never manipulate.


It is not the responsibility of the enlightened teacher to bring the student to enlightenment. That may be true in the classroom, but in the world of enlightenment you have to find it, enter into it.


A teacher is really invaluable. A teacher will instruct you in how to stabilize your energy field, increase it, and decrease the loss of energy in your life and how to be balanced, wise, and funny.


An enlightened being comes into the world because they can help. They are off the wheel. They will experience different states of mind. They will suffer. They will know joy. But ultimately, they are free of all that.


To see someone manifest all the astral lights, to be surrounded by light, to have light emanating from their body, pulsing waves of gold light - this is the miracle of enlightenment.


If you sit with an enlightened teacher and silent your mind as they go into nirvana, suchness, the pure power of their aura will bring you on a journey into the world of perfection.


Miracles have a purpose. Miracles help people believe in enlightenment. The real miracle is the transformation of consciousness from limitation and pain to enlightenment and ecstasy.


No one can bring you into higher states of attention permanently. I can take an individual and i can change their awareness. That's easy. But how long will it last?


There are some teachers who just perform miracles. They can manifest things from the other world into this world. They have siddha powers. They are not necessarily enlightened.


There is no such thing as a miracle. A miracle is just what somebody else doesn't understand. If we went back into the Stone Age and we lit a match, they'd say, "Ahh miracla, miracla!"


We need a new imprinting. We need the imprinting of enlightenment. That comes through our association with a higher being. So classically what occurs is that one meets a teacher.


The teacher will have a certain imprint, and each teacher imprints differently.  Ultimately the imprint of the teacher is a limitation that you will have to overcome in your final stages of self-realization.


One aspect of enlightenment is dealing with the different dimensional planes. In order to pass into other dimensions you need to understand what is out there. A teacher of knowledge and power explains how to deal with these other worlds and universes.


A true master has developed, in their inner practices and studies, certain powers. These powers are sometimes of the miraculous nature, the transmission of attention.


Some people see teachers and they associate the feelings of the other students who are present with the teacher. They psychically connect with all those hundreds of minds and they don't key to the teacher at all.


If you are going to focus on a teacher, you have to be focused on the teacher and not peripheral vibrations that might be around them or it will totally screw up your meditation.


We hear wonderful stories about some masters who can walk on water and do all kinds of great things. But the real power of the teacher is to transmit power and knowledge directly to an individual.


You become a monk and you practice and the teacher tells you what to do. If you find that you have a resistance to that, and the resistance is strong, it just means you're not interested. Why put yourself through some sort of torture. It means you weren't that interested.


Only listen to the observations of the enlightened because everyone else is self-centered, egocentric and bound by the net of desire.


With the empowerment of an advanced Teacher, and your own best efforts, you will be able to explore the mysteries of knowledge that lead to completion and perfection.


In order to do an empowerment, a person obviously has to be highly empowered, have the power, and also have the structural knowledge of how to transfer it to someone else.


If you run into a Buddha, then that energy field, the "rad" level is so high, it's incalculable.  Their effect on an individual is for many, many, many, many, many, many lifetimes.


To deal with someone from other infinites is problematic at times, to deal with a true master of all the realms of the yogas. We call them someone with the seven seals of enlightenment, meaning that their gradated perception has past through all the realms.


The role of the Buddhist teacher is to explain your options and to show you what creates karma. All our discussions are basically karmic until you're fully engaged in samadhi.


Buddhism is all about secrets.


In enlightenment you have to convince a teacher not only that you are worthy of teaching, but then that they should show you some of the secrets.


Those secrets are things that most people don’t learn, because they are not enthusiastic enough, or bright enough, or patient enough, or funny enough; or still enough.


The teacher will perform miracles.  Not just to delight and amuse people, but showing them that miraculous occurrences indicate that there is something more.


You have to begin to develop a repertory of jokes, multi-plane spiritual jokes, the sort of things the Zen masters tell each other when they're asleep. These are the secret teachings.


As a teacher you just look at someone and you transmit to them what they need to know. Not simply a thought form, but you transmit an awareness level.


Enlightened teachers get all sorts of assignments. Sometimes we end up in the higher astral; sometimes we end up in the realm of pure spirit; sometimes we end up in the desire realms. Sometimes we go down to the lower astral to teach, you don't really teach there, you just sort of are, because everybody is confused.


If what you seek is freedom, the only person who can teach you anything, the only person who can help you is someone who's already done it, who knows the way. No one else can do a damn thing for you but slow you down.


It's ridiculous if you ask me. I don't know what any of us are doing here. But we're a tribe, a network, cruising the galaxy. We have offices in every loka, in every part of existence. I suppose you make that out to be a unique situation. We're Unique! No, I don't think so. We're enlightenment.


Very few people become enlightened in any given lifetime. On the planet earth their might be a dozen who are fully enlightened and several thousand who live in enlightened states of mind.


Becoming enlightened is not special, but it's unusual.


If it's real enlightenment...you're dealing with someone who's broken through every rule, every barrier, every do and do not, and they've reached an apex of consciousness. They've broken through all the conditioning, all the timidity.  They don't buy into any program.


A teacher is there to laugh at you because you have such a high opinion of yourself that you need to be laughed at.  You need to sense how small we all are.


Humankind has no idea what existence is, at this stage. They're all dreaming, they're all asleep....Once in a great while a fully awakened one is here, observes everybody is sleeping and leaves, quietly.


A teacher is someone who has taken their mind much further than you have. They've gone into the void further. They've seen the luminous realities. No one has seen them all...but they've seen more than you have and they understand the trap of self-reflection.


If your awareness was strong enough, you could change the fate of a whole world without ever leaving your room.


I can go shopping and pick up some Bounty Towels, the three pack, I can go home and open those up and look at them and see more infinity than in the Buddha's best meditation. If I can't do that, that means I'm wrapped by the  Buddha's best meditation.


You see a very advanced master who's got a girlfriend, who listens to rock and roll, who thinks about things that are very earthly.  The advanced course has to with coming back to everything that you had to reject in the beginning and seeing it as a far greater infiniteness than everything that you've attained.


Most people think that an enlightened Buddhist Teacher is a fireman; His job is to put the fire out so that you can live in your home safely. But seeker beware! A fully enlightened Buddhist teacher is an arsonist! His job is to set your spirit on fire...by feeding the flames of your soul with love.


You may not need a teacher or you may be drawn to one -- everything is individual. But the main thing you need to do is meditate and learn to stop your thoughts and enter into the ocean of infinite awareness. You will be directed from there.