Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, quotes on mysticism, power, magic, occultism, psychic skills, dreaming and wisdom.


You are not what you seem to be. You are one of God's endless dreams in search of wakefulness. Meditation is wakefulness.


Reality does appear to exist, there does appear to be birth, youth, people appear to have children. But all of it's a dream. These are isolated moments that are only connected by perception. There is no separation.


Dreams are real. This is unreal. This world is unreal. Everybody has it backwards. This is the dream. This is an insubstantial pageant. Nothing here lasts - that is how you know it's the dream.


How do you know you're even here right now? Perhaps you're not. Perhaps you're far, far away and this is just a dream. 


The idea is easy to understand.  All of life is a dream. You have dreamed everything that you are and everything you are aware of.


You are asleep and have forgetten that you are dreaming. You mistakenly believe you are awake.


You have dreamed me into your dream to awaken you from the dreams of life, death and separativity.


You certainly do have strange dreams.


You must first realize that you are in a dream.  Then you must realize that your current dream is a nightmare.


You need to dream nicer dreams.  I come from a world that is a much nicer dream.


We are not really separate beings of light. That's a dream we are having, the dream of multiplicity. Meditation takes us beyond the moment to eternal awareness.


We dream forever unless we awaken. We move from one dream to another, some beautiful, some we're the hero or the heroine, some horrible, some nonsensical, some boring.


All the lives we ever lead are only dreams, these walking moments, that look so solid to you when you consider yourself awake, are just dreams.


We've decided what we are. That's the dream. When the dream fades, it's not that we don't exist. How could we not exist since we never existed?


Life is a series of dreams, a series of interlocking awarenesses.


What you have known of this life so far is only a dream, a slim dream at that. As one who has traveled greatly in the worlds, I can assure you there is much to see and much to become.


There are other times. There are other adventures. There are other dreams .


Who is that is dreaming all of this? Ecstasy, pure ecstasy, joy beyond understanding, bliss beyond the dry dullness of the mind's philosophical ranging, light beyond any light in this world - The substance and the essence of all existence is this light, the transcendental light.


The perceiver of the dream, the one whom the dream is unfolding before, is what we call the Self.


The dreams of the Self are manifold and endless and they exist in all the myriad worlds and conditions that appear to have solidity. 


The ten thousand states of mind are hallucinatory. Hallucinations are real. Dreams are real. But there are some things more real.


When we dream, we create. All of life is a dream or a series of waking dreams. We dream our surroundings.  We dream our friends, our relations. We dream our bodies. We dream our dreams.


I think that the world ended a long time ago and no one realizes it. We're in a dream somewhere in a vortex of energy that just hasn't realized its nonexistence yet.


Seriously, I think that the world is always ending and always beginning at every moment.


Everybody goes into different dimensional planes. You do it every night when you dream. You are journeying into other dimensional planes. Dreams are not just functions of the cerebral cortex.


When you're dreaming at night, something seems very real, but when you wake up the dream is gone and so is all that apparent solidity.


When we wake up in the morning and we make decisions, these decisions come from the night, the night of eternity, our other side.


The Indians in the Southwestern United States went to many places of power. They were able to have profound dream experiences where they could see into the future or know what do to and make proper decisions.


Will something else. Have dreams and believe in them. They don't have to come true. They are just as true as a dream is. Life itself is a dream.


Dreams are just silly things that pass through your mind at night. "Dreaming" is out-of-the-body experiences where you are traveling through the different dimensions - most of which you don't remember.


Some astral dimensions are bright and filled with ecstasy. Advanced cosmic beings live in them. But there are also very dark astral dimensions, often inhabited by beings that are filled with hate and despair.


A great deal of energy is lost in the study by people who interact with non-physical beings. They get into your mind and your body by approaching you in the dream plane, promising you powers, playing on your desires. They sap your life force.


Entities can see a certain amount because they are outside of the physical dimensional plane.


They might see that you are going to meet a beautiful woman or a beautiful man. They will come to you in dreams and tell you this is going to happen because of them.


Who do you think of first in the morning?  Good manipulators do it in the dream plane. The morning practice of meditation increases the aura to ward of negative energy.


Where you live is important. It is where you dream. You lose or gain a tremendous amount of energy there.


It's very important where you live. Because where you live, the energies make it easier or more difficult to dream. In certain places dreams are very manifest and very strong. So you should always pick a place to live that's good to dream in. One of the best places to dream is by the ocean.


In dream yoga we use the etheric double and go beyond the confines of the physical, it's very ecstatic.


You can move in and through the astral worlds once you have gained control of your subtle body.  The astral worlds are the back corridors of eternity!


The astral dimensions afford you opportunities to have experiences and gain insights into the structural nature of how dimensions are made up and phased together.