Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, quotes on meditation, kundalini, chakras, mantras and samadhi

The more completely you concentrate, the stronger your mind becomes.


Sit down, keep your back straight, relax and have an object on which to concentrate; you might use a candle flame, a brightly colored rock, a yantra, which is a geometrical designed specifically for the practice of concentration.


Yantras are specific designs that have a great deal of power in them, as do mantras, which are words of power. Yantras are designs of power that tap into other levels of attention. They remind us of things in other worlds.



Focus on an object of some type, hopefully an object that's beautiful or powerful. You could find a pretty colored stone that you just feel good about.


You could use a flower, a candle flame, anything you want that's suggestive of beauty and eternality.


Learn how to focus - that creates a lot of power. Focus on a candle flame for 15 minutes or a pretty colored rock, or one point, or a chakra.


Place an object within your view, hopefully at about eye level.  You might have to look down a little bit.  Some people have a meditation table on which they put an object of concentration on.


Sit in front of an object of concentration with the eyes open. Focus on a candle flame, or a yantra, a little dot, something small. Just look at it. Focus on it until there is nothing else in your mind. This develops willpower.


Focus on one point and hold your attention there.  The mind will waiver, you'll think a million thoughts, but each time you do, bring your mind back to the point of concentration, seeing it visually.

Sight is not absolutely essential in this process, but we use sight because it is the dominant sense.  It's easiest to interrupt the flow of thought in sense perception and move the mind beyond sense perception with sight.


If one were blind, one can simply focus on a feeling.


Put on the music, and listen. Zazen means to sit, to listen. You’re listening to enlightenment, to the universes, to the planes of mind.


Meditate.  Look at the candle flame - or whatever object you have chosen to gaze upon - with intensity.


If you keep focusing, gradually thoughts will become quieter and quieter, gradually the images will disappear from the mind. What is happening is the kundalini energy begins to radiate and rise, it causes the mind to be quiet.


When we mediate, we are raising the kundalini through focus, through concentration.  There is a metaphysical astral process that's taking place.


The key to gazing is stopping thought. Gazing is a soft focus; you are touching something with your luminosity. If you could but look into the mountains you would see a diffuse glow.


Whatever you focus on, you become. That is the key line, you know. Meditation is the bow and concentration is the arrow.

In pranayama you don't worry about taking breaths, you focus on exhalation. If you exhale properly you will inhale. The more deeply you exhale the more deeply you will inhale.


It takes a number of years to learn to hold the mind perfectly in one place. But each day we do it a little better, and in the doing we're releasing energy that is taking our mind in higher diffuse planes of attention.


By disciplining and training the mind to focus on one thing, we gain control of perception; we learn to grab it and put it someplace we want it to be.


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