Computer Science

Dr. Frederick Lenz, Zen Master Rama, quotes on buddhism, enlightenment, nirvana, zen, tantra, tibetan and mahayana.


I recommend, for many people, the study of computer science. Our natural resource in America is the mind. The mindset in computer science is very similar to the mindset in Zen.


Computer science is fascinating. As you study computer science, you will find that you develop your mind. It is literally like doing Buddhist exercises all day long.


Computer science is the most misunderstood field there is. You are being paid to solve puzzles. For a person who has practiced meditation in past lives, that is the way your mind works.


The logical and extralogical exercises you do in meditation are very similar to advanced systems analysis and programming.


The mental structures that are used in computer science are very similar exercises done in Buddhist monasteries.


Consciousness, like a complex system of software, has thousands of levels of nested, self-accessing subroutines


In Buddhist practice a great deal of time is spent practicing mandala meditation. You learn to visualize and hold simultaneous concepts in the mind during meditation.


Computer science really involves the same mindset, particularly artificial intelligence.


I have yet to see a career that is similar in benefit as computer science for doing the advanced exercises.


As you study computer science you develop this wonderful mental acumen, particularly with relational databases, systems analysis, and artificial intelligence.


Programming will aid a person in developing their mind and will aid their meditation. I find that people who have pursued programming are doing much better in their meditation.


A lot of the parallel processing software we're currently developing for supercomputers is tantric.


A number of people who are interested in computers in this lifetime programmed computers in Atlantis.


The software is the strength of the electronic tribe because it's networking. It's creating oneness. It's creating tributaries that link together into a singular river.


Software is a reflection of our own mind. And as our software improves it will not only take on the patterns of our minds more closely, but it will also pick up the energy of our minds; in other words, I think that software is alive.


Artificial Intelligence is creating a mind, hopefully as pure a mind as possible, for a computer.


It is a real service to humanity and the world to be a good programmer, particularly if you design great products. You make is easier for everybody, everybody has less headaches.


One of the wonderful things about the computer is that it allows us to sit at home and either write a book or a computer program. Then we can send that program or book to companies that specialize in reproducing them and distributing them.


Computers are the central access; information processing based on a spiral network, similar to that which is the chaos of existence itself, the analysis of systems, the interlocking lokas.


It is my belief that one of the most exciting things about the World Wide Web is that they allow minds, as Spock might say, to meld. The transfer of consciousness through a variety of mediums is nothing new.


At extremely high processing speeds we are able to find patterns of order in what other people would perceive as chaos.


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