Chakra Meditation

Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, quotes on meditation, kundalini, chakras, yoga and samadhi


The key to meditation is focusing on specific symbols. The symbols are the chakras.


When you focus on a chakra, it's very easy to bring subtle physical energies into your consciousness.


Each of the seven chakras references different dimensional planes. It is a turnstile that leads us into different dimensions.


As the kundalini rises, the knowledge and powers of those dimensions will begin to come to you.


In Buddhism we meditate. We make our minds quiet by learning to focus on the chakras, release internal energy that we call kundalini, and bring ourselves into high states of consciousness.


By fully focusing your mind on your chakras, stilling your thoughts, and increasing your kundalini flow, you can rise above your body consciousness and unite your mind with the clear light of nirvana.


Start meditating with your eyes open, focusing as a warm-up, then focus on a chakra, then just let go and merge. Don't sit there and think or move into sleepy states of awareness, but move into high-powered states of attention.


Close the eyes, and focus on the third eye, the heart chakra, or the navel center. It is a good idea to alternate them.


For the first few years, it's most beneficial to meditate on the heart chakra. The heart chakra, called the anahata chakra in Sanskrit, is located in the center of the chest, dead center. If you focus there you will feel a warm and tingling sensation.


The heart chakra is the central chakra.


In the chakras, it's the heart chakra, anahata, the central chakra, three above and three below, which symbolizes happiness and love, psychic oneness, spiritual understanding.


The heart chakra is the chakra of love and purity. Meditating on this chakra each day will give you humility, purity, and spiritual balance.


The heart chakra is located in the center of your chest. Hold your right or left hand out. Now say “Me” and, as you do so, touch your chest.  You will automatically touch your heart chakra.


Close your eyes and simply “feel” the spot your finger is touching.  Then, after a couple of minutes, let your hands down.  Continue to hold your attention on the spot just as you did when your finger was there.


Ingnore your thoughts. As you focus more intensely, you may feel as if you are floating.


Sensations of peace, joy, and love will enter into you. They will be very subtle at first. Then they will grow stronger.


After two or three sessions of meditating on your heart chakra, it will no longer be necessary for you to physically touch your chest.  You will sense the spot automatically.


Your heart chakra is not in your physical body.  It is in your subtle physical body, but it comes in contact with your physical body in this location.


Practice meditating on the heart chakra. This is only one of them, but it's quite good for the first few years of your meditative practice.


Focus your awareness on the heart chakra. As you do, you will feel your consciousness shifting. You may feel different perceptions of energy in different parts of your body.


As you focus your attention on the heart center, you will begin to feel your thoughts slowing down. You'll begin to feel your mind becoming calm and quiet. They won't bother you.


Focus on the heart center and feel love. There is a flower there, but it's like a rose folded up. As you meditate, feel that the flower is opening. Each time you open a set of petals you're going deeper into eternal awareness.


Focus on the center of the chest, relax. Imagine a rose there. Feel it unfolding. Let yourself go and ignore your thoughts.


Visualize a beautiful rose in the center of your chest. Imagine a soft reddish rose. Imagine that the rose is completely folded up.  Visualize the first set of petals is gradually unfolding.


There is no end to the petals of the inner rose. Continue to unfold set after set of petals until you have completed your meditation session.


To become balanced, meditate on the heart center in the center of the chest. There you will experience happiness, refinement, sensitivity, beauty, laughter.


Power comes from the navel center. If you meditate for an hour or so a day and you focus on that sphere, you will release a tremendous power that will enter your body. We call it the chi.


I recommend, initially, if you are trying to increase your personal power level, to meditate on the navel center, not the lower two. Later on in the enlightenment cycle, it is necessary to learn how to go out and surf some bigger waves.


It is not advisable for persons who are in the early stages of meditation to mediate on the two lower chakras. You will unleash powers and forces that will throw you into very powerful altered state of consciousness that might not be pleasant at all.


The unlocking of the kundalini, which occurs by meditating on the first, second and third chakras, is the entrance into the planes of power. There can be very powerful releases of energy that can catch you off guard until you have a better sense of what you are doing.


When you focus on the third chakra it has to pull the kundalini from the root center, through the second, up to the third chakra.


The navel center will bring the power of all three of the lower chakras into your being, but with safety.


Focus your attention around the naval area, feel that spot. Visualize it. Do whatever it takes. When thoughts come in and out of your mind, pay no attention. You just stay right on that spot!


One doesn't actually meditate on the navel. The chakra is located about two or three inches below the navel, at that point there is an energy access sphere in the middle of the body.


To become powerful, to develop will, meditate on the naval center.


If you are going to experience the ecstasy of enlightenment, it is not just going to be a phrase. You've got to work during meditation. So back to the navel center!


Move the kundalini from the solar plexus region into the heart center, which purifies it and connects the two halves of you being. Bring the kundalini down again from the heart center to the navel center.


Enlightenment is to be outside the circle, the circle of death and rebirth. There is a circle inside you. If you meditate and focus on your third eye, you will see a circle of light.


To become wise, meditate on the third eye, between the eyebrows and a little bit above. Focus on that spot, the Agni chakra.


Focus your attention on the center of your forehead. Visualize that there is a slow but steady swirl of white light there.  Visualize that the white light above your forehead is slowly moving in a clockwise direction.


Visualize the soft white light continuing to expand as it gently swirls around, until it has filled the earth, the sky, the universe, and all of infinity.


If meditate on the third eye and have headaches it means you are trying to pull in too much power from the occult chakra. The danger is obsession.


You can take the kundalini from the crown center and bring it down. You can bring it up or you can stabilize them both. When you stop breathing in meditation, the kundalini is stabilized.


The kundalini is raised or brought down. It can be done in several different ways, and as it moves to the different chakras or energy centers in the subtle physical body, it endows one with various powers.


Focus your attention on the top of your neck. Take that energy and transmit it in two lines to your hands. Then from the hands, bounce that energy right back to the heart center and ground it.


What we are doing is taking an occult energy; it's amplifying in the chakras and the hands. Then we are neutralizing it and spreading it through the being.


As the prana current, kundalini and different energies begin to move through you, you will feel yourself moving and rocking. Keep the body still, otherwise that energy will be lost as it expresses itself through the physical.

All of the previously described techniques can be practiced with your eyes open and closed. Most people find that it is easier initially to practice meditation with their eyes closed.


Use the previous techniques in rotation. It will prevent your meditation experience from becoming stale.


The different techniques will place you in touch with different fields of auric empowerment, creating a balanced development of your practice.


Even if you are focusing on a chakra, you don't want to do that for the whole period of meditation. There should be a point where you let go. Settle down. Get off the train of thought for a while.


Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, quotes on meditation, kundalini, chakras, yoga and samadhi