The Causal Body

Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, quotes on meditation, kundalini, chakras, mantras and samadhi


Beyond the astral dimensions are the causal dimensions.  They are not spatial or time oriented.  They are planes of light, and they make up the outer limits of nirvana.


We are like an atomic structure. We've got a causal body that's linked together.


The causal body is the most ancient and timeless part of a person. It has the capacity to know and do things that the physical mind and body cannot.


The causal dimensions, the planes of light, are happiness. They are all different and are all endless. They border the shores of nirvana, which is beyond discussion -- a condition of perfection that cannot be expressed.


Beyond the subtle physical body, is the causal body, the part of your being that lives from one lifetime to another.


Just as the subtle physical body holds together the physical body, the causal body holds together the body of awareness.


The causal body is like DNA or RNA in that it is the coding that determines your level of evolution.


 Just as the DNA is a structure of double helical bonds, so your being is a structure of elements, not physical elements, but awarenesses that have come together in a ring of power.


The causal body holds the structure. The causal body is the coding. So you are not just scattered all over the ten thousand states of mind.


The causal body is the part of a person that lives forever.  It is what you would call the soul.  It doesn't dissolve along with the physical and astral bodies at the end of an incarnation.


The causal body is the part of you that lives forever. It is ancient and complicated.  It has lived through countless lives in both this and in other worlds.


The eternal part of our being is perfect, free, always changing, always new, and completely conscious of all things.


Beneath our transient physical bodies, we are made up of intelligent light. One's own body of light, the soul, is the most real part of oneself because it lives forever, it doesn't decay and die.


The causal body is the determining factor in the changes that occur within your structure or growth rate.


Beyond the subtle body we have something called the causal body; that's more what we are.  We are a series of interconnecting awarenesses. It's like a molecular bond, DNA, a double-helix, and we can change that.


The causal structure determines the rate and method of evolution, your awareness of the universe.


The part of you that exists from one lifetime to another is composed of all things. You are the energy of the universe.


It is your causal body that is the real you. At the end of each incarnation, it carries the knowledge and karmic patterns of that lifetime, in addition to all of your other previous lifetimes, into your next lifetime.


The intuitive mind is nonphysical.  It is not part of the brain or any other cellular structure in the physical body.  It is part of the causal body.


Your experiences in the causal dimensions will give you knowledge of time, space, dimensionality and what lies beyond all these things.


When you go into the causal realms you become someone else. The light vibrates very quickly. You will see that you are a concurrence of light - taken shape and form in the body you now occupy.


If you do well within this life, that awareness will be held within the causal structure, the part of us that lives from one lifetime to another. It will be available to you in your next life and in future lives.


As we go within the self, we discover that all the voices of our past lives are still there. As we peel ourselves, which is a process very much like peeling an onion, we discover that there are many selves within the self.


If you dig deeply, you will find that you are not a singular self but that there are many selves, many voices within you. The more conscious you are of those selves and the more you let them find expression through you, the more complete you will be.


As incarnations go by, the atom gets more complex. That is, your being, the part of you that reincarnates from lifetime to lifetime, the aggregate, grows thicker and denser.


Whatever you have learned in your previous incarnations is retained within your causal body, your multi-lifetime body of energy that lives from one incarnation to another.


While this is good and it stores up knowledge and power, at the same time there's a problem with it because it means that a person becomes more fixed.


The more lives you have, the harder it is to change, yet the stronger you are. It's a kind of funny dichotomy.


When you go into samadhi, either salvikalpa or nirvikalpa, what happens is you erase, you loosen, the aggregates. You simplify them.


 The Akashic Records are the impressions from all of our past lives that are available within our causal body.


Some people speak of the Akashic Records as if they were on an IBM mainframe that's out there somewhere near the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.


All the records of your past lives are contained within your own mind, just as the records of your ancestors are contained within your DNA.


The energy strands and bands of our being are linked in a certain way and makes us what we are. It causes us to perceive a certain level of the dream of life. But you can reorder those. That's magic, you see.


In meditation, as you go into the causal dimensions, the planes of light, you will be purified, energized and you will become wise.


The trick to being happy is getting beyond the body and the astral realms.


You're composed of an aggregate of different forms and energies, the samskaras. These are lines within your own being. When you go into samadhi, these lines dissolve gradually so you become less formed.


When I talk about subtle bodies, causal bodies and things like that, it is a good idea not to take it all completely literally. It cannot be put into words.