Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama, quotes on mysticism, power, magic, occultism, psychic skills, dreaming and wisdom.


Pure and simple, balance is happiness.


Spiritual balance is to be straight with yourself.


Only a pure heart, a completely pure heart can house eternity.


Most people lead their lives like they drive their cars.


There is always going to be pain. There is always going to be pleasure. But what is not always going to be there is balance, happiness. That is a personal decision.


Balance is to choose happiness, to feel that the purpose of life is to love, not necessarily to be loved, to be happy, to be conscious, to be aware, to be fulfilled.


In order to effectively interlock with higher spheres of mind and attention, you must have tremendous balance and control. You learn that it is more fun to have control than not to.


Have the right attitude in advanced practice. Feel that you are always a beginner in Zen. They refer to it as "beginners mind". I feel I am a beginner, always; because it's true.


In martial arts one of the first things that you learn is to be balanced. Balance is the central principle in architecture and design. Balance is a way of trying to talk about being at the center of things.


Balance is the ability to be happy in the midst of the most chaotic or even boring or transient circumstance.


When you're happy it's pretty tough to knock you over. You can handle whatever comes along in life.


Keep your sense of humor. Stay funny.


A person with power has control of their emotions. A person with power can stop fear, stop depression, or they can augment a positive emotion.


Laughing at fear is one of the best things you can do. When you are afraid, instead of just plunging into panic, laugh. The fear gets really uptight and leaves.


To love is to be balanced, to extend one's self beyond the sense of self.


A balanced person will get depressed, discouraged, frustrated and angry sometimes, but doesn't direct it towards anybody else. If they do, they quickly realize they made a mistake.


There is something beyond power. The totality of one's being. Some call it nirvana. We have a higher destiny. Before you can scratch the surface, you have to bring your life into order.


Sometimes we have to be hard on ourselves. We've got to get on our case, if we are being sloppy, lazy, and indulgent.


If suddenly you get depressed, it doesn't have to throw you. You can push those emotions aside. You can cultivate happy emotions or become emotionless when you need to be very sensitive.


There's no point in getting frustrated at yourself. Just be truthful.


Sometimes in life, we have to go backward a certain distance in order to go forwards.  If we have conflicts within ourselves that we have not resolved, then we will find ourselves living inside of these conflicts, not in the realms of light.


If you are doing that which is within you, what that part of you that is beyond body would like you to do, then you would not experience stress because you would be very fulfilled.


It is only hard work that brings about results, doing things for others. Forget about your problems. Take responsibility for your life and make it into something beautiful in the midst of changing circumstances.


Balance is the most important of all qualities. We don't want a little bit of rapid growth and then to stagnate. We want continual growth, continual development, which implies balance, always.


Spiritual balance is the principle that allows the mind to be still. You cannot expect the world to settle down, everything to work out, in order for you to be happy. You have to get control of your mind.


Spiritual balance is the ability to remain happy, to not be hostile to your neighbor when they are being hostile, and not to get caught up in the trivia.


Learning how to be agreeable is the key to learning self-control.


If you can be agreeable to each and every person or situation with which
you come into contact - no matter how "difficult" it is or how much you
think you are in the "right" - then you are demonstrating control.


It is better to agree with a "wrong" idea than to press a "right" idea
on other people.


Right and wrong are concepts that only have meaning in this world, so by sorting existence on those characteristics, we are defining ourselves to exist only in this world.


You are either in this world or the other worlds, and it all depends on
how much you are in your own ego.


If you accentuate yourself, thinking or acting like you are important, then you must want to look good to someone in this world. In order to impress or sway anybody in this world, you have to be in this world yourself.


So what you are accomplishing is entrenching yourself more and more in this world.


Learn that happiness comes through self-control and not being angry or jealous. The only one that you really torment is yourself. It is easier to let go and gain new ways of looking at life.


Spiritual balance is how you deal with opposition, outside of yourself and within.


Go through the things that life gives you to go through, happily. You have to loosen the grip of time, gradually.


Spiritual balance is tai chi. It is the center of things. It is the place where yin and yang meet. In the chakras, it is considered the heart chalkra, anahata.


I am humility, nothing more and nothing less. I am one blade of grass in a sea of grass. I am one wave in an endless ocean of waves. I am one glowing star in a galaxy of stars.


Spiritual balance is the ability to be happy in spite of circumstances


What is essential is to draw the energy of love from your heart and bring it into your mind, as San Exubere said: "it is only with the heart that one sees rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye."


Never think too much of yourself. Realize you are only an instrument of eternity. Do not get stuck in that terrible trap. You can lose everything.


Don't become a spiritual bigot. Don't feel that just because you meditate and you are striving for enlightenment that you are in any way superior to any other person. Be even. Be easy. You will last longer on the pathway to self-discovery.


You can get stuck in being wise. You can get stuck in having a developed will. It is very hard to get stuck in being happy. It is too lucid a state of mind.


Sit down and get out a piece of paper and start making lists. Ask yourself, are you in harmony with the things in your life? Are you adopting superficial values? Are you giving your being enough room? Are you doing new and creative things?


A great deal of humility is necessary in the process of self-discovery. Humility is the ability to accept what and who you are at this moment.


Advance yourself by advancing others. Do not judge others. Be of service to them, but realize that you are not necessarily the instrument of perfecting and immortalizing others.


Meditate. Inspire others. Spend time by yourself. Manage your career properly. Work at something constructive, that doesn't injure others, and put your full attention into it.


Whenever you take the time to inspire someone, to aid them in their inner search, you'll find energy will come back to you - unless you are ego tripping or you are trying to manipulate them.


The action of giving is in a certain vibratory level, meaning giving exists in a certain plane of consciousness.


To love is to be balanced, to extend oneself beyond just the sense of self.


You can do anything. You can perform miracles, but it won't fulfill you. What will fulfill you is the stillness of eternity.


There's a power that brings us to things, and there's a power that lets us move away from things, from people, places, experiences. And what you learn to do in metaphysics is accept.


Find a teacher and devote yourself to the study, but in a balanced way, not a fanatical way.


It is best to study from a teacher of ANY subject, as long as you focus on the teachings and NOT on the teacher. All of the real important answers to life's questions lie within your own mind.


You need a job. You need a career. You need a focus. Otherwise, you will just pick up lots of strange psychic energy because you are not focused.


The human life form vibrates at a certain rate, but all vibratory rates are not suitable for human life. So it's very necessary to meditate on higher octave energy, on the clear light, on joy, on happiness.


Throughout the day remind yourself that you are moving through eternity. Be focused. Be centered. Be in the now. Know what is going on in the world. Read a newspaper once in a while.


It is my experience that people who don't participate in society, who don't have jobs, who don't have friends, are just very stuck in irresponsibility and cultism and all kinds of nonsense.


It's necessary for you to work out a way of living that's very strong and very tight and very powerful, otherwise you will not be able to deal with the unknown.


The danger to power is obsession - power junkies. You need a very strong mind and humor to balance yourself. If you don't, you will get shredded.


Some people just chase the glittery stuff and they have no substance to their life whatsoever. Actually all they really want is power. But they pretend they're interested in enlightenment.


Certain drugs provide brief excursions into altered states of consciousness. The problem is that the perceptions and understandings that come from these experiences don't tend to last.


Power plants break up the way you see the world; they can push you into the second attention; yet to continuously take them, weakens the subtle psychical body.


A lot of people trash their subtle physical body with psychedelic drugs. While they do certainly give you experiences in altered levels of attention, you pay a price for it. They definitely screw up the subtle physical. Hatha Yoga can be good for that.


Look for the things in your life that bring you stillness and happiness, not the things that make you crazy. Look inside yourself and look for that perfect stillness.


You can detach your attention from yourself and go anywhere. You can wander the universe. Big deal!


To go within doesn't mean to become enraptured with who you are, or to become enraptured with ideas of who you are.


The sign of an advanced spiritual person is that they don't think they're an advanced spiritual person until after liberation.


In advanced practice there is a sense of commitment to the study. It is happy; it's never forced. It is a natural evolutionary process of an evolved being.


You don't force change; you just open yourself to its possibilities and let it work through you.


It is possible to exert a power over all things, all beings. But we must begin with intent always.


Trust that life is guiding you and showing you every step that is necessary to learn to be perfect. Have faith in yourself. You'll come through OK. Have faith in existence.


You don't choose because if you choose you might make the wrong choice, based upon ego or illusion. Instead, you let eternity make all the choices for you.


When the time comes for a change, you will find it occurring without having created it yourself. You may think that you are the doer and that you are creating the change. That's nonsense.


Whatever you need will be provided. Eternity takes care of everything perfectly. So never want for that which you do not have; you have exactly what you need.


Infinity has bound me together for a while in this situation, in this life. There is no free choice, but I can enjoy the ride or bitch and complain depending upon whether I want to make myself miserable or happy.


Think about the flowers. Life is just a bunch of pretty pictures. All this is supposed to do is force you beyond the mind, when you realize that you can't figure it out.


Eventually you're supposed to get so confounded by this whole thing that you just give up completely, and that's when it starts to work. Not give up the practice, but give up trying to figure it out.


Trust yourself. Figure out everything you want, but then don't worry about it. It's all out of our hands. Just let life work through you .


Use power carefully. Don't be afraid to have it. Learn balance and wisdom in addition to the unlocking of the kundalini, if you wish to have a happy and enlightened life.


Use power wisely. If you search your heart, I think you will.


I learned from my own teachers, a long time ago in another universe, the quality of quiet fortitude that is renewed by a person's love of light.


The greatest miracle is the miracle of wakefulness, to awaken from the dream of life and to see infinity everywhere, even in the finite, in the simple doings of life.


Enlightenment requires discipline, balance, knowledge, power, happiness and a sense of responsibility and sacrifice, being able to do things with your life that you would not have done otherwise.


Keep a sense of humor, that keeps you balanced, and you'll do quite well with it all, I'm sure.