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Existence is the awareness of awareness.


 Life is perception. We perceive through different parts of the body of the universe.


Our awareness creates life. Life does not exist independently of perception.


Molecules don't have patterns. You create a pattern by the perception of something. The continuity of awareness is your perceptual field. Existence only occurs through the act of perception.


Existence is perpetual motion. Galileo wondered about it, Da Vinci.


Perception not only defines existence but it creates existence. It gives it form. Without perception there is no existence.


There is no continuity at all. The universe isn't any particular way. It strictly depends upon perception.


There wasn't a single day in which the world was created. It's created anew at every moment. The structures of eternity are completely fluid but they are bound together by the mind forming a nexus point so reality comes into being.



We go outside, on a clear, cold night. We see millions of stars all over the place, bright and beautiful, each one shining forever. Each moment is forever, it’s shining in each moment forever.


We connect the dots in the drawing with our mind. We give them a meaning, a figurative sense, which is self-reflexive in that it creates us, because we are the experiencer of the moment.


Our very awareness is the window upon which reality presents itself.


Who we are varies according to our awareness. When you are more aware, you are someone else than when you are less aware.


Everything is perception. A hallucination is a perception of a certain reality. It is a perception of a certain state of mind.


You are an endless conglomeration of awareness.  You're not one singular self.  You're a corporation.


Inside you is eternity.  A human being is not so simple.  We're told that we're Ted or Sally or Willie or whatever and that we grow up and have experiences.  That has nothing to do with what life is.  You are eternity.


You think you are somebody and that is where the problem begins. You're really not somebody, you're everybody. You objectify yourself into thinking that you are a particular state of being.


We live inside our mind. That's all there is. Everything that you experience is not external, it's internal. All your experiences are predicated upon your awareness field.


We are cognizant of time, the sense that there is mutability. Time is change. It's the separation of eternity from itself. When eternity is separated from itself, we see it appear in different forms. Time is not a movement in space. Space is a movement in time.


You create time by joining events together. But they don't join together; there's no separativity.


We cut up time and space and mind and place and being and non-being. We create a world of ideas. This is duality, pairs of apparent opposites.


We are taught not to perceive but to avoid direct perceptions of reality and to substitute instead this kind of one-dimensional view of life.


Reality does appear to exist, there does appear to be birth, youth, people appear to have children. But all of it's a dream. These are isolated moments that are only connected by perception. There is no separation.


Once we have conceived of time and space, once we have accepted their existence, then that implies that there is a structural order to bonding realities.


Perception is the ability to be conscious of self and that which is other than self. Without thinking about it, a distinction is made between who we are and what we perceive.


If we view the universe as other than what we are, we are everything we don't perceive.


Perception defines everything.


If you stay in the attention you are in, then you can predict everything that will happen to you for the rest of your life.


Your choices are really very limited. They are limited by your level of awareness. If you can change your level of awareness radically, then you can change your destiny.


Anything that you might want to be is around somewhere. You can become it. You just have to get into the state of mind that allows that to occur.


The continuity of perception is an individualized being, when that continuity is lost, the being no longer exists as they have been.


Those who dissolve their body of perception completely are absorbed into what we would call nirvana.


Everything that you see here, in other words, is a reflection of a higher reality.


This particular world is not really a world, it's a perception that you are having at the moment.


The universe is made up of vibrating, pulsing light. When our attention level drops, we don't see that. Instead we see what appears to be a solid material world.


We perceive the solidification as the world around us, which appears to be relatively solid. But that solidification is just really a reflection of the solidification of one's sense of self.


Everything around us is shifting all the time. Energy is moving in all things. What gives energy a continuity, what creates a pattern, is you.


From infinite awareness, something comes forward, a sense of infinite awareness and finite awareness. That perception is the birth of a being.


The universe is a giant perceptual matrix. It perceives itself through its substance


The universe is made up of an endless ocean of life itself. It is an endless ocean of itself. And for a time it binds itself together in particularized forms.  Those forms have perception and they perceive themselves as being separate.


You are a little band of awareness and your awareness moves from one state of mind to another.


You're a refraction of the one light. You're a waveform of light. You're a fractal, a pattern that continuously changes.


You are a being of light composed of cells of light joined together in a matrix.


Perception is a wave.  You change as your perception of something changes because you define yourself as a reflection of whatever you happen to perceive.


Each of is endlessly generating waves with our actions. If you could see the earth from a vibratory point of view, you would see something like radio waves billions of them, cascading constantly into very complex patterns all over the earth.


Your self is the universe, and you perceive the universe through a state of mind.


Perception is, in essence, who we are. We are what we perceive. What we perceive defines who we are.


Self is the perception of perception. Beyond self there's no perception of perception.


If we put five people together, are there really five people? I don't think so, not in the world of magic. In the worlds of magic, there is only one being, reflecting itself in countless forms.


Through the experience of memory, you recall what you have done, and you therefore attach yourself to it and perceive yourself through prior experience.


You perceive yourself as being solid and physical, limited to a body. You are made up of light, endless mind. The way you see life is a limited state of mind.


When you think about something, you separate yourself from it.


Your state of mind dominates your awareness to such an extent that you can't conceive of any other state of mind other than the state of mind that you're in.


Whenever you are in a perceptual field, it seems like it's ultimate. It's a self-wrapping consciousness. There doesn't seem or appear to be anything else other than the attention field that you're in. 


It's important to remember that there are countless views in infinity.


When you change your state of mind, your whole life changes, nothing remains the same. Nothing looks the same, because you have changed.


The world has an ending and a beginning. It begins with you and it ends with you. The end of the world occurs when you make a major transition in attention.


Life is composed of lines of light, fibers of energy, pulsing, still, pure being.


There are many great bands of perception in the universe. There are both organic and inorganic bands of perception.


It is possible to modify your awareness to perceive what plants perceive, birds, beings in the astral, the causal.


Dimensionality only exists because the mind can perceive life that way, but that's only one simple method that the mind has for perceiving itself, for perceiving life.


Within silence all things are contained. What appears to our eyes to be life is but a thin curtain, a gauze penumbra, which stultifies our vision, which prevents us from seeing the truth.


When most people see a tree, they don't see a tree at all. They see an idea that they have developed of what a tree is.


There is the experience of enlightenment, to be very aware of what lies beyond the boundaries of cognitive perception, reflection and self-awareness as seen by the personality.


Life is invisible. The illusion is that what we perceive is in some way not a reflection of self. Life reflects the field of attention that we're in.


Within the human frequency of perception, what you see is what you get. I would classify the bottom of the band as severe unhappiness, depression and alimentation.


The top of the band would be happiness, contentment and peace of mind.


The bands of perception vary greatly. There is the human band of perception. There are lots of different bands of perception. Simply because we are in one band of perception, doesn't mean others are not there.


Within you there are thousands of rings of luminosity, bands, and each one is a universe of perception. In the average person's lifetime, they might just open up two or three, maybe four of those bands.


Most people are not in the world of awe and wonder. They're in the world of deadness. Their perceptual fields and bodies are completely self-reflective, and all they see is themselves wherever they go.


We don't always walk from one state of mind into another. We might just oscillate back and forth for a whole lifetime within the polarities of a certain state of mind.


The mind is infinite. It is not relegated to the brain or to thought or to emotion. It is made up of an endless series of realities that stretch on into infinity.


Your mind is your life. It's your essence and your substance. It's the part of you that has always been and will always be. Its formations change constantly, which is what makes you always new.


The entire structure of the human mind blocks out most of infinity. To a certain extent it's necessary because otherwise one would be insane, unless you have a very developed mind to deal with the endless permutations of infinity simultaneously.


It's like looking at the sun, that's how infinity is. You can't look at it for too long or you dissolve. The bands of your attention break. But if you look at it in specific ways, you can become something or someone much more conscious.


Mysticism is concerned primarily with moving our awareness field from the beginning of the band of perception, the human band, up to the enlightened bands of perception.


There have been people who have categorized the bands of perception in different yogic systems. It gives them pleasure to create names and orders and to make catalogs. Human beings like that.


All of us have an aura, a body of energy linked to different planes of awareness. Some have the ability to access more planes of awareness then others because of past lives, because of practice in this life.


If your awareness was strong enough, you could change the fate of a whole world without ever leaving your room.


Anyone has the ability, if they choose, to move to the higher end of the state of mind they are in. From that higher end, they can generate another state of mind.


The reason a person is in a particular state of mind is primarily because of attraction and aversion. Attraction and aversion cause us to format a mental or intellectual program.


W are all carrying the imprints of our most ancient ancestors. Not simply in the genetic code, but in the imprints of attention that are passed on.


A whole society imprints us. Language, television and culture imprints us Just living in a country is a vibratory imprint. All the collective attentions, of all the people who live there - imprint us.


We interact with others and we decide who we are. Are we reclusive? Are we outgoing? Are we successful? Are we going to be a failure? We cast a role for ourselves and we step into it.


One, who studies the ways of power, seeks to end the imprinting process because in imprinting we loser power, we lose attention; we are formatted to do certain things.


The people who imprinted us are not completely happy and they are not completely powerful. So naturally, we have to fight our whole life against that imprinting.


If your parents were strong in one way and weak in another, you will be strong in the same way and weak in the same way. Even though you detest the weakness in them, you will find that you will do exactly the same things because they imprinted you.


A child is imprinted not by simply teaching. But their attention is like soft clay. The attention field of adults is stratified. They are like hard clay and we push them on each side of the child's attention field. 


Just being around the awareness field of the male or female imprinter, the child is imprinted.


The male or female that the child has the most exposure to in the first four to six years of its life is the primary imprinter of the child.


Learn to overcome the imprinting that you now have and gain a new and higher imprinting that will lead you into the luminous spheres of awareness.


We need a new imprinting. We need the imprinting of enlightenment, of freedom. That comes through our association with a higher being. So classically what occurs is that one meets a teacher.


A teacher is not someone you need perpetually. You need them to show you how to get through the doorway; but once you get through the doorway, you are on your own.


Power will take us beyond the gravity field of the imprint.


In mysticism we have to take all the imprinting that has occurred to us and wash it. Then we need to be re-imprinted but in a different way. Without it, we don't survive.


The teacher will have a certain imprint, and each teacher imprints differently. Ultimately the imprint of the teacher is a limitation that you will have to overcome in your final stages of knowledge.


The dream is so thick; the Maya is so thick. There's no magic as long as there's all this thought.  So the first condition for the practice of higher magic is the stopping of thought.


The universe is ecstasy.  We have many other ways of perceiving infinity. And when you perceive life through these other modes, that's when you see that the universe is ecstasy, That's when you experience its ecstasy.


If you line everything up, just right, you walk through a doorway where the world as you know it collapses.


You stand on the edge of eternity, with a vista that is so incredible, so powerful, so perfect that it's overwhelming.  You are so overwhelmed -- you no longer exist.