After You Meditate

Dr. Frederick Lenz, Zen Master Rama on Mantras, Meditation, Samadhi, Buddhism and Enlightenment.


After meditation, it is a good idea to bow and offer your meditation to god, to that stillness and perfection that is existence. Feel that you are giving your meditation away.


At the end of meditation period we always bow and we touch our head to the floor and say "Buddha's name be praised."


At the end of each meditation session, bow your head toward the ground. Give away your meditation to the universe. Whether you feel you have done well or poorly, simply give your efforts to the universe.


Bow and offer your meditation to Eternity, as you would offer a Flower to your lover.


After the meditation session you have to be a little bit careful. If you start to think a lot of thoughts and become very active, you can prevent some of the meditative awareness from coming into your mind.


Learn not to judge your meditation. Just meditate, do your best, set a minimum period of time and meditate.


How do you end a meditation session? It's nice to chant a mantra again. Maybe repeat it a few times. It seals the meditation. Do your best and then just give it to eternity.


Don't judge your meditations. Don't rate them. The physical mind cannot tell how well you did. As long as you are sitting there trying, something will happen.


The force that drives the green fuse, as Dylan Thomas said, cannot be understood. So self-discovery is to accept your daily meditation, to observe yourself meditating and not be concerned with the results.


The only bad meditation is when you don't meditate.