Advanced Meditation




In advanced meditation you become light. You transcend self, ego, time, space, and dimensionality.


The other schools, introductory and intermediate meditation are easy schools. But advanced meditation is like graduate school. It is much more demanding.


Advanced practice is living your meditation 24 hours a day, doing more for others, contributing with your love, with your effort, and supporting the spread of the dharma.


Advanced meditation assumes certain things. You can meditate for an hour and stop your thoughts completely at some point in the meditation. You've worked out the basics in your life. You become a very nice person.


Advanced meditation has to do with spreading the dharma. You need to consider, actively, the welfare of others.


You can't meditate on the clear light of reality, you can't put your mind into samadhi, and you can't experience ecstasy if you're all caught up in the things of this world.


Advanced meditation means, all day long, all night long, keeping our mind in a specific state or series of states of awareness that lead to enlightenment.


After you've been meditating for a while, you'll just be sitting in a room and suddenly you'll feel yourself enter a meditative state.


Sometimes these meditations occur because our soul is reaching to the infinite, even though our mind is not conscious of it .


Advanced meditation requires a level of complete dedication to existence. Complete dedication is not forced. It is easy, you don't think of it as dedication.


A time comes when you don't have to use meditation techniques anymore. You just sit down and you are nonexistence itself.


Advanced meditation is not an obsession, although you are definitely obsessed. It's just the way you feel. It's not right…it's not wrong.


I've never found self-discovery difficult because I love it. I enjoy stopping thought for sustained periods of time because it's really hard and I just like that feeling. There's a normal, natural feeling when you're practicing any discipline that you enjoy.


The way that you're able to go into salvikalpa samadhi is through spiritual refinement.


Advanced meditation is the study of the simple. That is to say, we come back to the most basic things and we see them as far more infinite than the most infinite things.


Higher meditation is not taught through techniques or words. The real meditation experience is taught inwardly. You shift a person through different dimensional planes.


Advanced meditation is the transmutation that is samadhi, the super-conscious.


If you are not capable of going into samadhi yourself, try and find a teacher who is. Sit with them on a weekly or monthly or daily basis, depending on your proximity to the teacher.


In advanced practice the association with the teacher becomes more critical. It has to be handled properly with tremendous respect.


In the teaching of concentration and meditation, the focus is upon the transfer of awareness. These lessons don't take place here. They take place in advanced states of mind.


Eventually, after much meditation with a teacher, much spiritual self giving, and learning to lead a fun life, you will find that you yourself will one day be able to go into samadhi, the lower samadhis, without the aid of the teacher.


Advanced meditation is really the apprehension that we have not seen the most beautiful sunset or the most beautiful sunrise or the most beautiful life or death - It just goes on forever, in countless new forms.


You've got to start over and be a perpetual beginner. That's the safest, to be a perpetual beginner, to find yourself in newness, to define yourself as newness, to run up the flag and walk away and leave and let it be on its own.


One day you will stop using all the yantras and mantras. You will be able to sit and instantly stop thought. As soon as you do, the curtain of reality parts and you will be lost in the immortal rapture of existence.


There are moments of mindlessness in meditation. There are feelings and scenes that cannot be described in words. The universe spills through me; it dances through me.


Advanced meditators are children of light. They're ageless, timeless and wonderful. We call them saints, sages, fools, different names. Those who practice advanced meditation, they glow.


Advanced mediation is if you want a person-less life, one filled with people and with love and with beauty, but without that fixation. You are brave enough to stand alone, even when you're surrounded by others.


Do not allow yourself to be discouraged when it doesn't work out quite as quickly as you thought it should or in the way that you suspected it would. This is advanced practice.


Advanced meditation doesn't mean that you necessarily have to be this or have to be that. You don't necessarily have to be celibate or necessarily have to not be married. These are variables.


If someone becomes an advanced mediator, after they've had children, they may choose to leave their family. God will take care of their family as God would if they died. They may also chose to stay with their families and see that it is the dharma to practice selfless giving.


This is simple meditation: Nothingness and everythingness, the color and the form, death and the void, the end and the beginning, a beginningless end with an endless beginning: Pretty clever if you ask me.


When your mind becomes silent in meditation, the world stops, time stops and life stops as we know it.


Advanced meditation is a feeling. It is beyond the body and the mind. Samadhi is meditation without any thought, any focus.